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Tuesday, September 27

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Visitor Stations

The unauthenticated access or "Visitor" workstations have been removed from the first floor in preparation for the next phase of the renovation.  They will not be replaced once the renovation is complete.  There will no longer be unauthenticated workstations on the first floor.

Users needing unauthenticated access can be referred to "Visitor" workstations on Paterno 2, 3, 4, and 5; Music and Media Center; and A&H service areas on Pattee 2 and 3. 

Otherwise, non-affiliated users (members of the public who do not have Penn State IDs) will be issued STAAR accounts at the Commons Services desk according to standard procedure.  

Matlab Software (not that I really know what it is)

Matlab software is now available on all student computers in the Libraries at University Park.  We have 30 concurrent licenses, so up to 30 students may use the software at a time. 

Monday, September 26

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UCS, the new email and calendaring system is coming soon. To prepare sign up now for overviews in TECH-Smart at Sessions are scheduled for the week of October 24 both in person and online.

University Collaboration Suite (UCS): Overview

Description: This demonstration will provide participants with a general introduction to the calendar and e-mail functions of the University Collaboration Suite (UCS) through the UCS web client.

October 24, 2011, 10:00 AM. Instructor: Ryan Johnson, Classroom: Foster Auditorium
October 27, 2011, 5:00 PM. Instructor: Ryan Johnson, Classroom: Foster Auditorium
October 31, 2011, 9:00 AM. Instructor: Ryan Johnson, Classroom: Foster Auditorium
October 25, 2011, 2:00 PM. Instructor: Ryan Johnson, Classroom: Online

Thursday, September 22

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From LLS:

Near the East Welcome desk is a plasma screen displaying current computer availability from:

It refreshes every 60 seconds and is designed to assist with the many questions each day on "Where can I find an available computer?"

Thanks to Peggy, Hayes and Shane in DLT, to I-Tech for lending the equipment, and to Ignacio Sanchez and EMS for providing the 4 Winds software and expertise to make this happen!

I have a link to this on the EBSL homepage, too.

Wednesday, September 21

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From Karla:

Quite a few students from LLED 400 will be coming to the desk asking for recommendations for a read aloud assignment that they have, here's a website with the Comstock and Gag Read Aloud Awards that may be very helpful to them:  Recommended titles are listed according to age levels: toddlers to age 5, ages 6-8 and ages 9-12.

Tuesday, September 20

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Wireless Support

Peggy Myers, of DLT, spoke with John Carnicella regarding wireless support today. He indicates that both Willard and Wagner will answer wireless questions. Neither is open for walk-ins after 5 p.m., however, support is available by calling the 865-HELP number which routes appropriately to Wagner after 5 p.m. and you have an option to choose "wireless support."


Willard: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., 814-865-HELP (routes to Wagner after hours)

Wagner: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. for walk-in support, 24 hour email and phone support (laptops by appointment only); 814-863-2494; e-mail:


The ITS Knowledge Base ( has information for iPhones, ipads and other devices and some information for Androids. They have made best efforts in providing information for the many varieties of devices in a changing environment. John tells me that HP was producing a tablet briefly. Because it had issues HP discontinued it but instead of pulling it from shelves they sold it at a greatly reduced price. It suddenly became a huge support issue because it will not work with our wireless. Best efforts have produced a brief connection but it consistently drops. Discussions have developed on Network of People.

Wireless 2.0: Android Configuration -

Wireless 2.0: iPhone/iTouch download & Installation -

iPhone VPN Configuration -



The only thing they have as far as promotion material is bookmarks. John will send some over to Peggy. The supply is limited because it is being updated.

Monday, September 19

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Misc. Reminders

1.  Incident Report Form  - if you experience any kind of serious problem with patron(s) while on desk (medical emergency, theft, threatening behavior), after you've contacted police services, 911, etc., you must fill out an Incident Report Form. You might want to bookmark it at the desk.  Take a look at it so you know what it is.  It also gives you a list of phone numbers you might need.  There are a lot of helpful links at the Common Services Intranet page, too, including a link to the Incident Report Form. 

2.  Contact Information  - I'm going to be updating our fall semester contact information sheet.  If there are any changes, please let me know.

3.  Desk Tracker  - Don't forget to do a room check and patron count on the half-hour (8:30, 9:30, etc.) and also record any patron questions and transactions.  If you have any transactions in your office, don't forget to record those, too.  They are using the Desk Tracker data for the ARL statistics we collect in the fall and spring so it's good to get in the habit now.

4.  Headphone/Desk Material Cards - When an item is returned, don't forget to get the card from the drawer, tear it up, and throw it away. 

5.  Discharging Items - All items must be discharged before they are shelved.  When in doubt, discharge again. 

6.  Desk Duty - Please be on time for your desk duty.  The person you are relieving may have a meeting, a deadline, personal business, a bus to catch, etc.  If you are coming in from somewhere else and know you're running late, call.  Everyone's late from time-to-time but it can cause problems you may not be aware of. 

Friday, September 16

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From I-Tech:

DLT, I-tech and some campus locations have moved to the new UCS system.

For all Oracle Calendar proposals or changes remember to send an email notification so these individuals know about the meeting, they no longer have an active Oracle Calendar account!

Other than that, nothing.  Have a fun and safe weekend.

Thursday, September 15

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Changes to The CAT display
Please read Binky Lush's e-mail regarding changes in The CAT display for electronic resources. 

Wednesday, September 14

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On-Call Weekends Fall 2011

These weekends are listed on the EBSL Desk schedule for Saturday and Sundays as "Will Confirm Later" to help remind the people who may need you, to know who to call.  A copy of this list will be sent to all as an email attachment as well.  Remember that swaps are still the main way to find coverage for a day a weekend person can't work.  On-Call is when someone's car breaks down or takes ill on the day of the desk assignment, etc.  Thanks everyone & remember to mark your weekends on your own calendars!

Weekend                                                            Person On-Call

9/10-9/11                                                                       Caroline

9/17-9/18                                                                       Jenny

9/24-9/25                                                                       Caroline

10/1-10/2                                                                       Eloise

10/8-10/9                                                                       Jenny

10/15-10/16                                                                   Steven

10/22-10/23                                                                   Eloise

10/29-10/30                                                                   Ellysa

11/5-11/6                                                                       Jenny

11/12-11/13          Caroline                                                                                                                                         

11/19-11/20                                                                   Karla

11/26-11/27                                                                   Karla

12/3-12/4                                                                       Steven

12/10-12/11                                                                   Ellysa

12/17-12/18                                                                   Steven

Tuesday, September 13

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Sorry for the late blog entry - if you get a chance, watch today's Tech Update on Mediasite Live.  They're going to talk about the new mail/calendar client among other topics.  

Monday, September 12

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From ITS:
Hello all,

My staff updated this FAQ for Fall 2011 and I wanted to pass it on. It is the top 5 questions we get while providing IT support in the Libraries. Please feel free to pass it on to the library supervisors, reference librarians, or anyone else as needed.

I'll put a copy at the desk.

Friday, September 9

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Misc. Stuff

1.  The self-check station resets itself each night, so after about midnight, it will appear not to work.  You don't need to put an "Out of Order" sign on it.  It will be finished resetting by the time the library opens in the morning.  If it freezes during the day or otherwise misbehaves, call Lending.  The number is on the clipboard by the phone.

2.  We had to reset the pin for checking messages on the desk phone.  It used to be EBSL3, now it's EBSL4.  Eloise noted the change on the clipboard. 

3.  I'm still having Oracle problems.  I don't have the desk schedule for the next two weeks in mine.  It's absolutely critical for me to have that information.  When I add it, it will probably cause duplicates or triplicates when you check it.  DO NOT delete these or it will delete my entries and I'll have to re-enter them and it will cause even more entries in your calendars.  Hopefully, the new system we get at the end of October (and let's hope it's not another "hurry up and wait,  we found major problems with the system we hadn't anticipated" deals we've gotten so used to) will be much less troublesome. 

4.  Congratulations on surviving another Open House!

Wednesday, September 7

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As you know, Open House is today and tomorrow, so unless there's breaking news, no blog tomorrow.  Back on Friday, though, so stay tuned!  

Tuesday, September 6

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EBSL desk schedule 

This morning, when I accessed my Oracle desk schedule, it was still screwy.  It wasn't for Eloise, go and figure.   Anyway, I re-entered the calendar.  It may be showing duplicate entries for you, sorry.  We get the new calendar system at the end of October, so hopefully the new one will be less tempermental.

Friday, September 2

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Library Friends of Penn State Temporarily Unavailable

From Chris Holobar:
The site - - has useful information, however, to create a Friends of Penn State account, go to:

and click on Create Account in the upper left.  This will not update user records in WorkFlows, however, so circulation staff will also need to key FPS IDs into the alt id field of user records.  Also, until the Libraries' FPS pages are available, please do not distribute the FPS information sheets directing borrowers to these pages.

Lastly, please also remember that Friends of Penn State accounts permit resident borrowers to access My Library Account, renew books, and place holds on materials using I Want It.  FPS accounts do not permit remote access to licensed resources or databases.


Thursday, September 1

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Wow!  September already.  It feels like January - they're working on the HVAC stuff so it's cold again today.  You might want to bring something warm to wear.  


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