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Monday, January 31

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We may have some nasty weather coming our way this week.  Be careful! 

Thursday, January

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I'm having a lot of problems with Firefox and internet access this week so sorry the blog is so spotty this week.  Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 25

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We're still recovering from the new Lifecycle changes.  If you notice any problems or have any questions, let me know.  I'll try to find out the answers.  

Monday, January 24

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I sent this information in an e-mail, too:
Because of the new images on the desk computers, it's important to reconfigure the printer on the circ terminal in Workflows.  Once you've done it, you should be good to go until the next lifecycle.  The directions are in the plastic holder next to the circ terminal.  It's the paper with "Keep at Desk - DO NOT DISCARD" written on the top.  Start where it says "start here." 

Also, we'll all have to rebookmark Desk Tracker - the login information is under the plastic sheet next to each desk computer.  But wait, that's not all!  You'll have to reconfigure Oracle!  That information can be found in the EBSL desk manual in the procedures section and I'll put a copy in your mailboxes.  '

If you were automatically logged in to AIM, you'll need to reset that.  The login directions are under the plastic next to each computer. 

If I notice anything else, I'll let you know.

Thursday, January 20

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I've updated the EBSL desk manual. When you get a chance, take a look.  If there's anything you think should be added or changed, let me know.  

Wednesday, January 19

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There have been some questions about checking journal status in Workflows.  I have put some directions in your mailboxes.  It can sometimes be very helpful when you can't find a journal for a patron and The CAT record is confusing.  Normally, the volumes listed in The CAT under "holdings" only show  those issues that are bound and barcoded.  The dates in "summary holdings" are confusing but should show the date range of what the library has.  If you want me to walk you through it, let me know.  It's kind of clunky if you don't do it often.  

Tuesday, January 18

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MAC Users and ProQuest/Reserves from Chris Holobar:

All, if Mac users contact you about pdfs not displaying when searching ProQuest or trying to access electronic reserves linked to ProQuest, there are two possible solutions:

1. Use the Safari browser - ProQuest pdfs display properly in Safari 5.0.1, not sure about other versions


2. Update to the latest version of Firefox (in Firefox, go to Help, Check for Updates) and then go to:


(if you search Google for "pdf plugin firefox mac" it should appear first on the results list)

to add this pdf update to Firefox (users will need to restart Firefox after selecting Add to Firefox).  Note that users need to go to the above website to install this update - it won't appear in Firefox's plugin auto-search.

We've tested this on four Macs, including one off-site, and all displayed pdfs properly within the browser.  Thanks to Andrew Marshall for discovering and documenting this solution, and to Ms. Sarah Berky for assisting with off-site testing.

Users who experience authentication issues (unrelated to the Mac pdf issue) should try logging into the VPN client.

Monday, January 17

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The Pattee Stacks Move is about to begin.   First to move will be the books and journals in the Core of 1 Pattee.  These materials will be temporarily housed on the 2nd floor of *Paterno*.   This move is expected to start on 1/17/10!   This will free up space for the upcoming construction on the first floor, and facilitate the larger effort to create a more user-friendly Pattee Stacks.   Future parts of this project will affect other floors of the Central Stacks throughout the coming year.  Watch for signs and announcements.  A web page with updated location information is planned

Please encourage patrons to use the "I want It' button if they are unable to locate materials.    Questions about the project can be directed to Eric Novotny, Collections Coordinator, Arts and Humanities Library, Dan Mack, Head, Arts and Humanities Library, or Ann Snowman, Head, Access Services.

There are instructions on yellow sheets of paper at the desk with more details about how to help patrons find materials.

Friday, January 14

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Happy Friday!  Have a safe and relaxing weekend.  

Thursday, January 13

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Some Tips to Use When the CAT or the Library's Homepage is Down:

Help! The CAT is down! 

Use the "Test CAT"


·         You should NEVER use I Want It or My Library Account  in "Test"

·         The information may be 3-4 weeks old so items may look like they are available, but may actually be checked out

·         It works great if you're just trying to help a patron find where something might be or if the Libraries owns an item.


Use WorldCAT


  • Do you search and look for the In your libraryPENN STATE
  • If you see the Penn State logo, it means that it's at Penn State, but it doesn't tell you where the copy is.


Try WorkFlows

  • There are times when The CAT is down, but Workflows is working fine.


Help! The Libraries Homepage is down!

To get to The CAT


To get to Databases

·         Search for the database name in Google (e.g. LexisNexis Academic).  Your IP address should be enough to authenticate you for most databases or use the VPN if off campus.


To get to articles

·         Use Google Scholar to search for articles

Tuesday, January 11

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Happy 1/11/11!  Stay safe in the snow.  No new news today.

Monday, January 10

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