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Thursday, December 9

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Public Printer Support After Hours

From Chris Holobar:
To improve support for student printing after hours and on weekends, 
supervisors in Lending Services and Reserves have been authorized to
place alerts directly into the ITS Lab Consultant alerts system. ITS
student consultants and print rovers use this system to easily identify
and respond to problems.

Beginning immediately, after hours student printer problems such as
paper or toner outages, paper jams, etc. may be reported to Lending
Services at 865-5429. Supervisors will enter these problems into the
alerts system, and print rovers will resolve the problems in as timely a
manner as possible.

The ITS consultants in Gateway and Reserves will continue to be
available for software support and other technology issues within Pattee
and Paterno.

Lending/Reserves supervisors with access to the alerts system include:

Nadine Deitrich
William Harnish
Herb Motter
Michael Okoh

This is a pilot project with ITS and the Libraries and is for after
hours support only. To report printer problems 8-5 M-F, please continue
to use the Libraries' helpdesk.. Please feel free to contact me if you
have any questions or concerns.


Tuesday, December 7

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Desk Schedule for Next Semester
The desk schedule for next semester will be the same as the fall semester.  If anything changes, I'll update you. 

Monday, December 6

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Happy Monday.  Read this week's Interview.  Keep warm!  

Friday, December 3

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Lost and Found Revisited (Refound?)

From Chris Holobar:

We're asking all staff who find lost items to complete a L&F form for each item and bring the completed forms with the lost items to the Lending Services desk as soon as possible.  We ask that branch libraries send forms with items to Lending Services within three days if possible, however, this is flexible.  Staff can complete section 1 of the form before printing, or print and write.  Lending Services staff will complete sections 2 and 3.  Feel free to link to the pdf form from your own staff website or save a copy to host locally.

A word about usb drives and other devices with storage - Lending Services has a decommissioned laptop that is disconnected from both wired and wireless networks. Our staff use this laptop to check these devices for identifying information without exposing the PSU network to potential risk from malicious software.  Please bring/send these items directly to Lending Services and refrain from plugging found usb drives or music/video players into any networked workstations.

If you have any questions about libraries lost and found, please feel free to contact me or Suzanne Sadler (sms61).



Remember, I put copies of the form on the wooden rack at the desk.

Thursday, December 2

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Nothing new today.  But maybe tomorrow?  Stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 1

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From Helen Sheehy, Social Sciences Librarian:
We found out yesterday that there have been some changes at LexisNexis that have the potential to significantly affect some of our subscriptions.   The CIS/UPA portion of LexisNexis -- this is the portion that provides access to LexisNexis Congressional and Statistical services-- has been bought by Proquest.  The News services, Legal resources (including State Capital which has the state level statutes and regulations), will remain with LexisNexis -- a Reed Elsevier company.  You probably all saw the news release with the breakout of what products are going where.

Exactly what the fallout will be remains to be seen. 

In terms of immediate impact.  
All their databases were intricately linked and I am already noticing that there are some "dead ends" in Lexis Nexis Academic when you search the legal materials.   In the past you could search a law and move over to the legislative histories in LexisNexis Congressional.  Those links are already broken.

The individuals I have worked with over the years for support with the LexisNexis Congressional and Statistical databases have also moved over to Proquest.  They seem to think this will be a good thing for the databases since Proquest is much more invested in the academic market than LexisNexis.  They always felt like the poor stepchild. 

One bit of good news -- Proquest is already working on indexing (is that the right word) all the congressional content for Summons so that will be available when we implement summons in January.   I will keep you posted as I learn things.

Happy holidays to everyone.


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