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Thursday, September 30

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Proquest will have an entirely new interface that will be rolled out to the public supposedly during winter break.  I watched a presentation online yesterday and it's great but different.  That presentation will be available for you to view soon, and I'll send that link when it's up.  In the meantime, go ahead and play with it.  I'll e-mail you the details, since Proquest is restricting access to PSU library's faculty and staff. 

Wednesday, September 29

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Emergency Evacuation Training has been scheduled, offered at 2 different times:

Tuesday, October 19th from 3:00pm to 4:00pm (This session will also be available on MediaSite Live)
Tuesday, October 19th from 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Training will take place in Foster Auditorium. No preregistration for this training is necessary, I'm sure we'll have plenty of seats available for all who are interested in attending, but there will be sign-in sheets to record attendance.

This is to be considered mandatory training for anyone who is designated as either Fire Marshal or Staging Area Coordinator by their work group and has not previously attended training. This includes, most especially, anyone who is ever scheduled to work at either a Reference Desk or Welcome Desk. To everyone else.... please consider attending. Knowing what to do during an emergency, could literally save a life... yours or that of fellow employee or patron!

Tuesday, September 28

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No Question of the Week this week.  Just do the two you've already been assigned. 

For those who missed last week's Tech Update, I-Tech reviewed the recommended power management practices to save energy on public and staff machines. If you missed it, the following is recommended:
Public machines: Under "Big Fix" software, which manages the sleep time for machines, except visitor stations
Public printers: Can be powered off at the end of the night
Staff machines:
• Staff can power off machines overnight. However, updates will occur when computer turns on, which might result in delay on log-on time.
• Staff that will be away for more than a few days should not power off machines.
• Power Options Settings - Recommend - never for computer and 30 minutes for the display
Staff printers, copiers, fax and other machines: Power off machines at night

Thursday, September 23

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Electrical Power Reduction Advisory


University Park, Pa. - Penn State has been advised that there is a high probability of a regional need for electrical load reduction this afternoon and Friday.  Starting immediately all University employees and students are requested to turn off all unnecessary lighting, office equipment, coffee pots, dehumidifiers and air conditioning under individual control.  Any high-energy research activities should be deferred or rescheduled to morning hours if possible.  Employees should continue their normal workday and office functions while minimizing all usage of electric power.


Voluntary reductions now may prevent a mandatory curtailment or loss of power.  Over the past two years Penn State has participated in test events to demonstrate University's capability to reduce its electricity load when called upon during national or regional power emergencies.   Please do your part and help conserve.


For more information, contact Mike Prinkey at 814-863-4091 or, or Paul Ruskin at 814-863-9620 or

Wednesday, September 22

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Printing from Laptops
Karla was asked today about public printing from a laptop.  It doesn't come up often, but the ITS person said that patrons have to have their computers set up to the printers they want to print from and recommended that they go to the Willard Helpdesk for help doing that.

Tuesday, September 21

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There have been a lot of patrons in the library today.  I put a link to Karla's LLED 402 handout and we also have copies at the desk if students need further assistance.

Monday, September 20

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Question of the Week - Due Monday, October 4

Find three positively reviewed children's books on Mythology that EBSL owns.  Print or copy the review and CAT record for each. 

Friday, September 17

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Happy TGIF day!  Nothing new to report today.  I'm sure I'll have more next week.   Have a safe and happy weekend.  

Thursday, September 16

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Open House
Sorry about no blog the last two days - Open House had us all hopping.  Thanks for all who helped.  Thanks, Judy, for the displays.  We had lots of compliments.  From Ellysa:

If you encounter students who missed the Open House (but were required to attend for a class)...

We are encouraging these students to take one of the Libraries' scheduled tours.  The tour schedule is available at:

Once the student has completed the tour, he/she will receive a signed Open House certificate to return to their instructor as proof of their tour attendance.  The certificates for signing are located behind the Pattee Welcome Desk.

Questions?  Please contact the Open House Team Leaders or Rachelle Eisenhower, LLS Staff Assistant at 865-9257.

Graphic Novels
People are beginning to ask if we have a section of Graphic Novels.  We don't have them in the PZ7s yet, but you can find a section directly behind the section where they'll be moved, in the call number range PN6726-PN6790.

Monday, September 13

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No question of the week this week - we've got to stay energized for Open House.  Don't forget last week's QOTW - it's due next Monday, September 20.

Thursday, September 9

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I thought you'd find this article on Google Books interesting.  This is the project that they're taking some of our books for.  

Wednesday, September 8

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As we've discussed many times, the kit room is becoming a problem.  While you're on desk, check the kit room every 10 - 15 minutes.  If there are kits that are not on the shelves, take them to the desk to make sure all parts are there and reshelve. 

Tuesday, September 7

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Questions of the Week (due Monday, September 20):

1.  Where are the study carrels located that can be assigned to patrons?  What is the policy for assigning them?

2.  Where are the color printers located in the library?

3.  Where is the nearest fax machine for patron use?

4.  What is the cell phone use policy? 

Friday, September 3

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Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.  There are chips and dip on the top of the fridge in the office area.  Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2

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So far, nothing to report today.  Everything was very unstable yesterday, but (knock on wood) so far today things seem to be working normally.

Wednesday, September 1

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Don't forget to log off

This is a reminder to us all (I think we've all forgotten) - log out of everything when your shift ends - especially Work Flows.  If you don't and the next person has to shut the circ terminal down and restart, Work Flows won't always allow you to log back in. 

The Phone

For some strange and unknown (to me, anyway) reason, sometimes the phone at the desk doesn't automatically connect you to the caller when you pick up the receiver.  If you notice "dead air" when you answer the phone, push the little black button next to 52842 and the little phone icon.


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