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Tuesday, June 29

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New Image for Computers
From DLT:
The new public image is available for testing in the Business Library until July 6. The test machines are located on the oval table on your way to room 302. Please provide feedback to DLT by posting to the HelpDesk HUB under Public Image Feedback - 2010. https://communityhub.libraries.psu.edu/HelpDesk/message-board/life-cycle/241615952

And just for fun - Dumb Jokes That Are Funny

Monday, June 28

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Closing Procedures
The Security Supervisors asked me to distribute information about closing procedures.  Look for them in your mailboxes.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Friday, June 25

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Sorry for the gaps in blog entries this week.  I've been focused on web stuff and didn't get to it as I should have.  Bad Jenny, no biscuit...  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.  

Tuesday, June 22

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LLED Project
The LLED project seems to have started for this summer session.  Several patrons have been asking about mythology books.  If you need some help, don't forget Karla's handout on the spinning rack at the desk.

Monday, June 21

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Happy Monday.  Nothing new today.  But there's always tomorrow...

Thursday, June 17

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Karla's LLED Handout
Karla sent me her new handout that she gives to help the LLED students for their infamous book project.  I put a copy in your mailboxes and I put several of them on the spinning rack at the reference desk. 

Wednesday, June 16

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Service Desk Items
If a patron checks out a CD to use with a Service Desk item - room use only, of course, don't forget to make sure that person returns the CD.  We've found one is missing. 

Picnic Food
There's a lot of food left over from today's picnic!  Most is in the staff room refrigerator and some is in the 5th floor lounge refrigerator.  Help yourself. 

Tuesday, June 15

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Nothing new today (yet) - no news is good news?  Have a great day.

Monday, June 14

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Nothing new to report today.   There's still a lot of noise from the brick repairs.  Don't forget about Wednesday's picnic!

Friday, June 11

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Happy Noisy Friday.  Don't forget about next Wednesday's potluck picnic.  I'll be e-mailing you next week to rsvp so I'll know how much chicken people want.  Hope to see you all there!

Thursday, June 10

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Lion Cash Receipts
A patron complained that the Lion Cash machine receipts were very faint and could hardly be read.  I reported it to the Lion Cash office and was told that someone would come and look at it.  Unfortunately, he also said that it required replacing some part (not just toner) in the machine so, considering past experience, we may be Lion Cashless again for awhile.  I'll keep you informed.

Tuesday, June 8

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Switching Shifts
With the abundance of shift changes and trying to keep it all straight, please "reply to all" in your e-mails when requesting a change or volunteering to cover.  When you only e-mail me, you're leaving everyone else out of the loop and I either have no one volunteering or several people (a nice problem to have - no complaints) and it gets very confusing for everyone.  I sent out an e-mail about this as well.

Friday, June 4

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Library Closing on Monday
After much confusing and contradictory information yesterday, this is the final word:
Paterno Library will close at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 7, due to construction. Pattee Library will remain open, accessible through Mall and west entrances.

Everyone MUST leave EBSL at 5:00.
  The closing staff can't consider the floor cleared until everyone is gone - including people who are working in their offices. 

Thursday, June 3

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From Shirley Davis


This weekend is Reunion Weekend.  We have a  walking tour of Pattee Library and Paterno Library scheduled for Friday from 2:00 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.  Gateway will provide the tour guides.  The Development staff will be on the tour  so that they can answer any questions that might come up about giving, etc.
We are also running the Libraries video in the Lending Services Lobby from today until Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

Please inform your staff so that they are aware that this is Reunion Weekend and there could be a number of alumni around the Libraries from today until Sunday.  If anyone has any questions, please refer them to the Development Office.

Thank you.


Tuesday, June 1

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Happy first day of June.  Don't forget to read the Interview each week.


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