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Monday, November 30

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From ITS regarding replacing public printers:
We want to replace all the printers in the public facilities this budget cycle.  There is a hold up in availability of a new printer model from Dell that is the correct replacement for our equipment.  The printer (Dell 5550), is not going to be available until late January.  So we will miss the opportunity to replace all the printers before the students get back from the December holiday break.   The HP printers in our labs are reaching end of life in their usability.  We will work with CLC to keep them on life support until we get the replacement Dell printers.
Specifically about Gateway Commons -  There have been problems with the two printers in that lab.  I am working with the CLC folks to have them both replaced with Dell 5310 spares that are available.  I expect that to be completed before the students get back from the Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday, November 18

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Workflows Printer
Since we have a new circ terminal PC, you have to reset the receipt printer.  The directions are in the plastic holder by that PC.  At the top, it says DO NOT DISCARD in black letters.  It's pretty easy to do.  If you don't do that, you won't get a receipt when you charge out an item. 

When You Can't Work A Shift

For best results when trying to find a replacement for a shift you can't work, post it to the EBSL global instead of to individuals.  Then everyone can see what is needed and the pool of volunteers is greater.  Plus, it keeps everyone apprised of any changes. 

Also, if you're calling in sick (at the last minute) always call the desk and either talk to a real person or leave a message.  You may leave a message in someone's office as well, and/or send an e-mail,  but please call the desk first. If e-mail is down or your message somehow ends up in the junk or spam filter, we may not get the message. 

Tuesday, November 17

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Don't forget the scheduling meeting tomorrow from 4:15 - 5:00.  Besides our regular spring semester schedule, we'll look at Christmas Break.  If you want to review hours, go here.

Monday, November 16

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New Buddy List
There's an updated buddy list that you'll need to load into AIM.  I'll forward Ignacio's e-mail about that.  If you need help, let me know.  Basically you go to AIM (at the top bar - it lists AIM, Edit, View, and help.  Choose AIM.), select Load Buddy List.  Click on My Computer, select the K drive and find the AIM Buddy List folder.  Then click on Library AIM buddylist.  Click open.  Then choose either Replace My Existing Buddy List or select which lists you want to add to yours (this is if you have more than just the libraries as buddies).  Click Load. 

Question of the Week
If you submitted QOTW #3 (where you asked the question), you'll get someone else's question this week to answer.  When you complete it, submit your answer to the person who wrote your question.  I'll put the question(s) in your mailboxes. These will be due the week after Thanksgiving.  There will be no question next week. 

Friday, November 13

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Happy Friday the 13th.  Have a safe and happy weekend.  

Thursday, November 12

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I got nothin' today.  No news is good news, right?

Wednesday, November 11

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Next Training Session
Our next session is on Wednesday, November 18 at 3:00.  We'll have a general meeting and, even though it's early, we'll take a look at next semester's schedule.  If I need to hire anyone, I can get a head start.  Be thinking about what hours you can and want to work.  The basic framework should be the same, with the exception of Saturday mornings - we'll be covering for Life Sciences from 10 - noon. 

Discovery Day
I encourage you to participate - and you'll get paid.  I'll put a paper schedule in your mailboxes.
From the Discovery Day Committee:
2010 - Discovery Day - 2010
Friday, January 8th, 2010
Registration is now open for the Libraries' Discovery Day 2010. Discovery Day is a full day conference-style event and will be held on Friday, January 8th, 2010.
All library employees, student, part-time, full-time, librarians, etc. are encouraged to register and participate in any of the presentations that are being offered throughout the day. Supervisors, please post the attached program schedule where your part time employees can see it.
The deadline for registration is Monday, December 7th. Some sessions are limited in size and early registration is recommended.
The full Discovery Day program can be viewed online at:
Registration will be via TechSmart to which a direct link is provided from the Discovery Day website.
Supervisors, please be aware that new hires and part-time employees do not have access to TechSmart. Please have them contact Viola Dysart ( or 865-2378) with the following:
  • Name and UserID (eg. abc123)
  • Your Phone & Email
  • Department
  • List of Sessions
If you have questions or comments regarding Discovery Day, please contact the planning committee at
We're looking forward to your participation in the fifth year of this event.

From Alan:
I've had two questions in the past couple weeks that were connected to finding the PSSA scores for specific schools or districts. Since the PDE website can be wicked hard to navigate, here is a link directly to the page that links to results dating back to 1996:


here's another searchable link so that they don't have to search through huge pdf's

Tuesday, November 10

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Question of the Week #5
There are at least three databases which are primarily designed to search for conference papers.  List them and provide the descriptions for each.  I'm still waiting for past QOTW - see the chart if you're not sure if you're behind or not. 

Monday, November 9

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A friendly reminder - if what you're cooking in the microwave makes a mess, be considerate of others and clean it up!

Assignment of the Week
I'm still waiting for some people to turn in AOTW #3 - see blog entry from Monday, October 26. 

Friday, November 6

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Workflows Down - A Heads-Up
Workflows will be unavailable Saturday, November 21 and Sunday November 22 in order to install Symphony 3.2.1 patch cluster #4. **The CAT will be available during this time.** The client update will be managed as follows:

*Libraries-owned workstations: *In order to facilitate the installation of the Workflows update on all workstations, including circulation and other shared pcs, DLT will "push" the new client to all Libraries-owned workstations during the day Saturday and Sunday. *On Monday, November 23, you will need to re-boot your workstation to pull-down the new client.* When you re-boot, you will get the following message: "Installing managed software: Workflows Patch Cluster 4 Upgrade." The install may take approximately 3-5 minutes, and will occur before you get to the Windows login prompt. Be patient and wait for the install to complete. After you log in to Windows and the network, you can log into Workflows. To verify that you are using the new client, check the build number (Click Help and About. The new build number will be GL3.

Thursday, November 5

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The google list of BFs and Ls which have been pulled are at the desk in the plastic holder by the circ terminal if you need it.

Tuesday, November 3

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Question of the Week (QOTW) #4

This week's question will be due on Monday, November 16:
1.  Go to the Library Learning Services Page (hint: it's with Departments)
2.  Find the Service Desk Knowledge Base on that page.  Scroll if necessary.
3.  You will find a list of topics on the bar on the left hand side of the page - list them. There are 13, not counting Home. (Just the broad categories, but while you're there, look at the subtopics - they may come in handy.)

To help you keep track of whether you've done it or not, there's a checkoff list on the wall by the mailboxes.  Just put a checkmark on the chart when you've completed the assignment and submitted it to me (either electronically or in paper in my mailbox.)

Don't forget the last QOTW #3 is due on Monday, November 9
This question will be yours!  Go to research guides and pick one area in Education or Behavioral Sciences (adult education, counseling psychology, etc.).  Then choose one database and write a question of the week for another one of us to answer.  When all questions have been submitted to me, we'll swap papers and we'll each have a question written by another.

Monday, November 2

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Desk Tracker
Alan asked about Desk Tracker and counting kits.  No need to do that anymore.  I was trying to determine if there were any hard and fast patterns about the circulation of them and there really isn't one.  So it's one less thing to keep up with.  I'm pretty sure I can get info I need from the Workflows Director's Station.  I'm taking a class on that later this week. 


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