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Wednesday, October 28

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Remember - Desk Tracker starts on Sunday, November 1.  For real this time!

If a patron can't find an item, remember to check:

1.     The sorting area by the elevators

2.     Room 514 (items pulled for annexing)

3.     Room 513 (items pulled for annexing and new books waiting for covers)

4.     The Google Project picklist  at the desk in the kit card drawer.

Tuesday, October 27

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Time Change This Weekend
Spring forward, fall back - set you clocks back an hour on Saturday night and enjoy an extra hour of weekend! 

Monday, October 26

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Question of the Week

This will be due on Monday, November 9

This question will be yours!  Go to research guides and pick one area in Education or Behavioral Sciences (adult education, counseling psychology, etc.).  Then choose one database and write a question of the week for another one of us to answer.  When all questions have been submitted to me, we'll swap papers and we'll each have a question written by another. 

Friday, October 23

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Instructional Material For Annex

Just a reminder - if you're looking for Instructional Material and you can't find it - check Room 514 or Room 513 to see if they've been pulled for annexing.  Go ahead and take the item(s) you need; if patrons want them, they shouldn't be going to the annex in the first place.


Eloise has found many kit cards for kits that have been discharged and shelved.  Remember, when a kit is returned, pull the card first.  Then count the items.  If the number of items matches what the card indicates, you may then discharge the kit and put the card in the kit container.  If there's a discrepancy, don't discharge the item.  Leave it with the card and a note on the maintenance truck outside of Eloise's office. 


The library is sponsoring Civility@Our Libraries Discussion Groups featuring brainstorming sessions - in person and in a chat session - and other activities.  There's a poster with events and dates on the wall by the mailboxes.  Check it out!

Wednesday, October 21

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Question(s) of the Week

Today's question(s) of the week involve exploring the EBSL home page.  They will be due on Monday, November 2.  I'll list them here, but will put a paper copy in your mailbox to turn into me.  (Sorry about the weird formatting - I'm copying from Word.)

1.       Which of our subject librarians has been assigned to Special Education?

2.       What are the related subject guides  you can link to from the Education PreK - 12 page?

3.      Which libraries in Pattee and Paterno have group study areas?

4.      What is the URL for  finding out about such printing services as buying extra pages and getting a refund?

5.      Under which general headings (education, online resources, faqs, etc.) would you find out information about APA 6th edition corrections?Journal Citation Reports?

6.      What is third in the list of reference sources for Education Policy and Leadership?

7.       What is the call number range for children's books written in Japanese (hint: see World Languages)                                                                       

8.       List any three recommended journals for Social Psychology

Don't forget, your first assignment of the week, on Tuesday, October 13th's entry, is due next Monday, October 26.

Tuesday, October 20

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Desk Tracker
We'll take a brief look at Desk Tracker at tomorrow's training but here are a few resources to explore on your own:
Intranet - Toolbox for Desk Tracker
Mediasite Live - see Desk Tracker Implementation (if you need log-in info, the user name is library and the password is foster.)

Thursday, October 15

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I'm out tomorrow, so no blog then, but you get extra bang for your buck today.


I put a new link to scanner information on the EBSL homepage.  The directions still aren't quite up to date but there's some good information there.  If someone develops a new page, I'll link to it.  In the meantime, here are very basic instructions for scanning using Adobe Acrobat Pro and Photoshop (and when I say basic,  I mean basic.)  If it's quiet and you get time, try it out.

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
(this will allow you to scan multiple images and save to one file)
1.  Go to start, then all programs, then electronic publishing, then Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro
2.  Click on Create
3. Choose PDF from scanner
4. Choose what you want from dropdown menu, and it will scan
5. You'll then get a dialogue box telling you that the scan is complete and will give you the option of scanning more pages, scanning the reverse side, or being done.
6.  Choose what you want and click OK.
7. Save

1.  Go to start, all programs, digital imaging, and photoshop CS4
2.  Go to file, then import.  From there you have two options.
3.  If you choose either import GT1500 or WIA GT1500 both will open photoshop. 
4.  You'll see a dialogue box with options.  The GT1500 gives you more sophisticated choices.  The WIA GT1500 is much simpler and you may already be familiar with what you see.
5.  Choose either preview or scan.
6. Save

If you have questions, come and see me and I'll show you what I know.  I'm not a photoshop expert but I can at least complete a basic scan.

Education Assignment

Patrons in a class have been asked to bring in a book by a professor - any professor - in the College of Education.  Off the top of my head, I can think of a few (but they may already be gone) Dan Hade, Henry Giroux, Pat Shannon (I think these really are all gone), Roger Geiger, Pat Terrenzini (most from my evil ex's higher ed program).  But I found a link to the College of Education's faculty and staff directory.  The list itself doesn't specify who on the list is faculty but if you click on a name, you get more information.  Then the patron can choose one and check The CAT to see if there are any books available by that prof. 

And one final note - don't forget that ARL statistics begin on Sunday.  The sheets are in the folder with our regular statistics sheets.

Tuesday, October 13

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Question of the Week

This assignment will be due on Monday, October 26, and is for everyone.  There may or may not be valuable prizes for successfully completing this assignment, but I'll see what I can come up with!   Here we go:

1.  Go to the Children's Literature Comprehensive database.
2.  Find one European and and one Non-European Folktale which has been given a positive review.
3.  Check to see if we own them in The CAT.
4.  If we own them, print out the review for each of the two folktales, staple them together, PUT YOUR NAME ON THE TOP COPY, and put them in my mailbox. 

Monday, October 12

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AT&T Wireless for Visitors
The libraries now has a wireless plan for visitors.  You should have received an e-mail from Steven last week.  I forwarded it to you today, so if you lost it, you should have it again.  Please read the attachments and let me know if you have any questions.  I've put attachment A and B at the desk.  It's news to me, too, so we can learn this together.

ARL Stats

Annual fall ARL stats begin on Sunday, October 19.  The first week we collect reference statistics - not much different than the ones we already take.  I know it's a pain, but please fill out both the ARL and our regular EBSL stats that week.  The second week is for collection use statistics - just count the items that we shelve ourselves.  I've put the memos and sample forms in your mailboxes for your information.  Again, let me know if you have any questions.

Desk Tracker - Encore, Maybe?

From the Desk Tracker Implementation TeamThe Desk Tracker Implementation Team has worked through the issues that needed to be resolved before we began to use Desk Tracker as a means of keeping track of the questions asked at our service desks. In the next few days, supervisors will be given the confidential letters to deliver to faculty and staff in their units. If you find that we have missed someone, please notify us as soon as possible at desktracker_imp@psulias.psu.edu with the staff member's name and your unit.
You may begin using Desk Tracker as soon as you receive your login information. Please be sure to change your password immediately. We would like everyone to begin using Desk Tracker regularly on November 1st to record the questions that are asked at your desks.
We are not planning a formal presentation, although there will be an update given as part of the Tech Update on October 13th in Foster Auditorium. (Documentation is on the web at https://intranet.libraries.psu.edu/home/toolboxes/desktracker.html.) We have set up three drop-in training sessions in W211A Pattee for anyone who would like to come. We can walk you through the process of using Desk Tracker in a few moments:
Wed. October 14th:11-noon
Thursday, October 15th: 4-5pm
Tuesday, October 20th 1-2pm

We are excited about moving forward with a process that will enable us to electronically collect information that we all value across all our public service locations. We are looking forward to your feedback.
 Cheryl McCallips
On behalf of the Desk Tracker Implementation Team

I'll be going to one - it's been so long since we were trained, I could use a refresher.  If you'd like some help before we start and you can't go to one of these sessions, contact me and we'll set up a time to review it.  - Jenny


Log onto AIM when you start each shift.  If you're not sure how, ask.  Also, open up the EBSL web page during each shift.  Get to know its contents.  There's a lot there that will help you help patrons.  If there's something that's not there that you would find helpful, I can add it.

When it's slow, COVER BOOKS!

When making the rounds and you pick up books, please put them on the appropriate trucks. It makes it easier for the shelvers to keep up when the books are presorted by category.

We'll be starting a "Question of the Week" tomorrow, if more important information doesn't bump it from the blog.  Stay tuned...


Thursday, October 8

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It was suggested at the training session that we buy some disposable gloves for times when you have to clean up after messy patrons.  We got them and they're in the drawer where we keep the headphones.  You should probably only need to put them on one hand, which will make them last longer.

Wednesday, October 7

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APA Corrections from Carol:

I an forwarding correspondence sent to the ALA-EBSS list from Anne Gasque | Senior Editor, APA Style, regarding corrections to the 6th edition of the APA Style Manual.  The errata sheets can be found at http://supp.apa.org/style/pubman-reprint-corrections-for-2e.pdf .   As she notes, the majority of those that occurred were limited to the sample paper section.

Also, I have put a link to that page from our EBSL homepage. 


Please remember to log onto AIM when you're on desk.  Here's how:

1.. Go to start, all programs, network applications.  You should see AIM 6.8 listed. 

 2. Put your cursor on it and you should see two more AIMs listed.  Click on the one AIM 6 with the little red logo. 

I e-mailed you the user name and password earlier this week. 

I tried to put a shortcut on the toolbar at the bottom but everyone will need to do this him or herself if you're interested.  Here's how:

Repeat steps 1 and 2 above:

3. Put your cursor on it and you should see two more AIMs listed.  Right click on the one AIM 6 with the little red logo.  Drag ghe logo down to the bottom blue toolbar and click "copy here".  Once there, you should just be able to click on the icon and it should launch.

Carol tried this this week and it didn't work for her.  We were able to create a shortcut to the desktop, so try that if you can't move the logo to the bottom.  Make sure you click all the boxes with any kind of "remember me at logon" or remember this password" information on it.  Once you do that, clicking on the logo will log you on automatically.

Also, Meebo keeps trying to launch when I start Firefox.  If that happens, just click it off.  I got a message from Meebo and they have deleted our account.

Tuesday, October 6

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Thanksgiving Hours

Friday, November 20   7:45 - 7:00
Saturday and Sunday, November 21 and 22  CLOSED
Monday - Wednesday, November 23,24, and 25  8:00 - 5:00
Thursday - Saturday, November 26, 27, and 28  CLOSED
Sunday, November 29 - regular hours

Monday, October 5

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Workflows Tip for Journal Information

If you're looking for an issue of a journal and get confused or The CAT information is hard to decipher at best, sometimes Workflows can help.  Today I had a patron who needed an issue of a journal and it wasn't bound.  He had a volume and issue number but no date.  Using Workflows I found out that it was the most current issue, so I knew where to look.  All you need to do to see a list of issues received and issues expected is to:
1.  Click on the Serial Control tab at the top of the screen
2,  Click on Display Control task list on the left hand side (where discharge is on the circ page)
3.  Type in the name of the journal and click the radio button for either "begins with" or "exact"
4. Click Search
5.  You'll see a list of records toward the bottom of the page
6.  Double click on the journal you want
7.  You'll see a series of tabs.  Simply choose either expected or received to see information about the journal in question.

Also, don't forget to look in the office area for journals.  There are a few titles that have been pulled for binding and are waiting for missing or claimed issues.  Claimed issues are journals that we expected to receive but never got.  There's a tab for that also, if you're curious.

Friday, October 2

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We now have AIM on our webpage.  Take a look!  With any luck the IM headache is a thing of the past.  I set it up so that all you have to do is click on the red AIM icon on the bottom toolbar and it will launch automatically. 

Thursday, October 1

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Meebo Is Gone!

I took Meebo off our website today and there was much rejoicing.  I meet with Ignacio tomorrow and hopefully we can get AIM up on that page and running.  I sent an e-mail to Meebo to delete our account.  If you want to use AIM, go to start, all programs, network applications.  You should see AIM 6.8 listed.  Put your cursor on it and you should see two more AIMs listed.  Click on the one AIM 6 with the little red logo.  I'll e-mail this also and I'll include the user ID and password.  You can set it to automatically log you on if you want to.


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