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Wednesday, September 30

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EBSL's Web Pages

When you are at the desk, always have EBSL's page open.  First, check to see if you're online on meebo.  Sometimes it looks like meebo is on when it isn't.  If it's not, log on.  The password and user ID are the same as I-Google. 

Also, make it a habit to look at the different subject pages and the special topics.  Things are added and edited constantly.  Right now you may find the No Child Left Behind and the APA 6th edition helpful.  Use the specific subject pages when helping patrons find resources and databases.  Click on the link to K-12 Education to find subsets of curriculum and instruction - early childhood, special education, literacy and language, etc.  Patrons may not always know to look there and they're very useful. 

Tuesday, September 29

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Oracle Calendar
As I think you all know by now, everyone in EBSL now has access to the Oracle calendar.  Later this week (after everyone has connected to the server) I'll send instructions for accessing the newcomers to the agenda and for adding the rest of us to theirs.  I won't put the EBSL calender in Oracle (it's there but it hasn't been updated for about a month, so it's not accurate) until next semester.  Then it will be the only calendar we'll need to use. 

Monday, September 28

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Labman Updates

From Wendy in HR:
I was just notified this morning that several enhancements have been added to Labman:

1. On the IBIS report, under Libraries Employees Payroll Form, there is a new column, "Finalized" which indicates whether the employee has submitted their final timecard entry or not.  If yes, a 'Y' is displayed.  If no, a 'N' is displayed with a purple background.  The number of employees who didn't finalize is displayed at the end of the report.  For now, these employees are still included in the IBIS upload and will be paid.  However, I would strongly suggest that if any of your employees haven't finalized their timecards, they should be reminded to do so.

2. Error reporting on the IBIS report is improved.  The specific errors for each employee are displayed in the block underneath the employee's name.  Color coding is the same, but the color placement is slightly different:

 a. Earned time employees have an orange background for the employee's name.  This is just to remind supervisors that a particular employee is earned time/holiday time eligible.

 b. Employees with no PSU ID# have a red background in the PSU ID block.  If this appears, let me know and I will enter the PSU ID#.

 c. Employees who have not finalized their timecards have a purple background in the Finalized block.  Again, it is strongly suggested to remind employees that they really need to be finalizing their hours by "submitting final entry" on their timecards.

 d. Projects with zero or negative time have a red background for all the block for that project.

 e. If an error (such as negative time or no PSU ID) will prevent all of the employee's hours from being included in the IBIS file (employee not being paid), the entire Total row for the employee has a red background.  If an error is present but SOME of the employee's hours will be included, the error is highlighted in red on the Total line, but any non-red project hours will be included in the IBIS upload (will be paid).

 f. If overtime is present, the overtime block has a yellow background.

3. For the individual Employee report and the Daily report, the daily time block is now included as an aid to finding negative time.  Negative time results in a red background for that day in the block.  If negative time appears, a positive time adjustment will need to be done for that day to bring it to 0.  Typically, this occurs when a negative time adj. was done but no hours were originally entered for that day.

4. Manager/supervisor review.  There is a new action button on the Libraries Employees Payroll form, Mark Reviewed.  This is for managers/supervisors to mark their projects as reviewed when they're finished reviewing their payroll.  If a manager/supervisor wishes to clear the reviewed flag, they should use the Unlock My Projects button.  The Mark Reviewed, as of now, is not required in order for hours to be uploaded to IBIS.  However, I suggest that all supervisors get into the habit of doing this as part of the process.  The payroll process for the supervisors would then be:

    a. Lock project codes

    b. Run the IBIS report, looking for red flags

    c. Make any necessary time adjustments

    d. Run any other reports as desired to review hours

    e. Mark Reviewed

5. The Work Study reporting has been changed for the 85%/15% rate as of 05/10/2009.

I've been informed that there will be some other changes coming to Labman. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.

Friday, September 25

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No news of consequence today.  Have a happy and safe weekend.

Thursday, September 24

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Closing Procedures
Apparently there were three people found in the business library after closing yesterday.  Please follow all closing procedures carefully and work with your closing partner to make sure no one can sneak back in.  People who are determined to stay in the library are getting pretty clever.  Also, make sure doors are closed and locked.  Room 503 needs an extra push - the humidity makes the wood swell and, even though the door is locked, it's not closed tight. 

Training Schedule
Don't forget next Wednesday's training - AIM and the LLED project.  3:30 - 5:00.
The dates for the semester are:
September 30
October 21
November 18
December 9
All are Wednesdays and all are 3:30 - 5:00.  If you can't make a session, it's your responsibility to schedule an individual makeup session with the presenter(s).

Wednesday, September 23

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From Helen Sheehy in Social Sciences:

All,  I've been getting a lot of questions about the Health Care Reform debate from students (4 this week already) so I've put together a quick page with some major sources.  I hope it helps you as well.  It's listed in the Research Guides section.

I've would very much appreciate other thoughts on what to add-----as I said this was a very quick job.

Alan mentioned that he's had a few patrons asking about this.

Tuesday, September 22

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Public Terminals
DLT is re-imaging and replacing the public terminals this week.  They started today and should finish tomorrow and Friday.  They've put signs up to indicate which ones are out-of-service. 

Scavenger Hunt

Today is the final day for the Open House Scavenger Hunt.  Remember, if you need the clues, they're under the plastic at the two non-circ terminals.

Monday, September 21

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Training Reminder

Don't forget next Wednesday's (September 30) training session from 3:30 - 5:00.  Ignacio Sanchez will do a brief AIM messaging orientation and Karla will discuss the Children's Literature book diaries. 

Thursday, September 17

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Lost and Found Procedures

If someone turns in an item and/or you find one, take the item(s) to Lending Services when your shift ends.  They have procedures that they follow to try and get things back to their proper owners. 

Thursday, September 10

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Alphabet and Counting Books

The questions du jour tend to be about finding alphabet and counting books.  While they can be in several places, one place to start is with these call numbers in the Juvenile section:

Alphabet: PE1155

Wednesday, September 9

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Mark Your Calendars

The training sessions for this semester are:
Wednesday, September 30
Wednesday, October 21
Wednesday, November 18
Wednesday, December 9

All will be from 3:30 - 5:00 in Room 514.  Topics will be announced soon.  If you can't attend a session, you will be responsible for making an appointment with the trainer to meet individually to make up what you missed. 

Tuesday, September 8

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Closing Tip from Paul

One thing I've done to facilitate closing the libraries faster is make sure all of the doors on the 4th and 5th floors are already locked before midnight.  I've been finding a lot of doors unlocked on the 4th floor.  I told the business reference assistant to lock the doors on the 3rd and 2nd floors before midnight too.  That way, all we have to do is make sure everyone is out when roaming around the floors.

Hope this helps!

Friday, September 4

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Wireless VPN

Some people with newer PCs are having trouble with the wireless VPN for Vista 64-bit.  Kate brought up some excellent directions that were created by Russ in Social Sciences.  I've put a few copies of them in a folder at the desk in the drawer with the kit cards. 

There's also a website that patrons can visit:
You might want to bookmark it.  I'll also make some cards with that URL that you can hand out to patrons.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

Thursday, September 3

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Contact Sheets

The newly corrected contact sheets are in your mailboxes.  I took the "wrong" ones out, so the copy you have should have Karla's cell number with an 814 area code. 

From Human Resources:
The new parking permits have finally arrived!  Please bring your transponder or hang tag to Libraries Human Resources, 511 Paterno Library on one of the following days and we will exchange it for a new permit. 
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Thursday, September 10, 2009 from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Friday, September 11, 2009 from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Please continue to park in your assigned area and bring the expired permit in for exchange. The Parking Office is aware we will be exchanging permits on these days and will work with enforcement to minimize any ticketing for a permit display violation. However, in the event a display violation is written while exchanging your permit, please contact LHR at 863-4949.

Wednesday, September 2

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From Alan about printing PDFs created on a Mac:
PDF's originally made on Mac's apparently are incompatible with our printing network.  They trigger a 49.4C02 error on the printer. Instead of following the instruction on the screen to shut the machine off, the remote technician (777-0035) wants us to call them first before doing anything.

EBSL Desk Schedule Now in Oracle
I managed to put the EBSL desk schedule in Oracle.  It's just the basic schedule - it downloaded in a screwy way and I had to make some changes manually - so I won't be exporting it weekly as I do with our individual calendars as I have into I-Google.  If you make changes in the Google calendar and you want them in Oracle, too, just put them in manually.  But at least the basics are there if you prefer Oracle. 

Tuesday, September 1

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Lotsa stuff today, so please read carefully.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Closing Procedures
There's a new and hopefully final draft of the closing procedures.  I've put them in a red folder by the walkie-talkie.  I don't think anything's changed, they've just been edited for clarity and I think the maps are better. 

And, if you're replaced by a rover (don't work until closing) remember to put up the plastic sign indicating that our desk is closed.  It's on the shelf above the printer.

I've gotten a schedule of which desks are open and closed in Business, Life Sciences, and EBSL.  I'll put it at the desk in the plastic holder by the circ terminal.

Desk Tracker
The new official word for Desk Tracker from the Implementation Team:
Since our Desk Tracker Demo, we have been told that we cannot have shared accounts in Desk Tracker.  This means that every part time employee who will be responsible for taking statistics will need an account .We will send them a confidential letter with their DeskTrackerID and password.

We decided in a staff meeting yesterday that Steven, Carol, Karla, and I will have AIM in our offices, mostly in place of the doorbell which doesn't work, when you get swamped.  Once it is up and running for us, I'll let you know the hows and whens.  In the meantime, just give us a call if you need help. 

Open House
Open House is coming soon - the 15th and 16th (Tuesday and Wednesday) of September.  I will be putting a sign-up sheet on the wall next to the mailboxes.  Please sign up for as many slots as you can.  And, per Steven, sign up!  I appreciate your willingness to lend a hand whenever I need it, I can't make a schedule that way.  We'll be doing the main portion in 514 and would like 3 volunteers there if possible.  We'd also like 2 people on the desk to help direct traffic.  Part-time people who can work any shifts at all will be greatly appreciated and you will get paid. 

Fall Training Sessions

Karla and I would like to start planning for fall extra training sessions.  We'll have one per month.  I'm proposing the same schedule as last fall and spring - Wednesday afternoons from 3:30 - 5:00.  Alternately, we could do them either Monday or Thursday at the same time.  If Wednesdays won't work, would Monday or Thursday be better?  Please let me know as soon as possible what your preference would be.  Once I know, I can schedule dates and topics.

In addition to training meetings, we will be starting new "question of the week" exercises.  More about that soon.


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