Tuesday, June 23

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We need to have a brief training session - and probably just a general meeting wouldn't hurt, either.  There are some new things to give you a heads-up about.  I'd like to have it next Tuesday (June 30) at 3:00.  I'll post this on the blog, too.  If you can't make it, please set up a time for me to meet with you.  Everyone needs to be on board.

Here are the heads-up items:
1.  Closing procedures will be changing a bit - we're going to be teaming with other subject libraries in Paterno as well as the Gateway to clear all of Paterno.
2.  There's going to be a strictly enforced open-toe/no open-toe shoe policy coming from above.  Basically, if you're shelving book, lifting boxes, pushing trucks, you must be wearing closed toe shoes.  If not, OSHA can fine us Big Time.  Len should be sending out information about that soon.  I'd recommend either always wearing them or at least always keeping a pair here. 

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