Tuesday, June 16

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Desk Walkie-Talkie

The library's safety committee is giving a walkie-talkie to each service desk in the library.  It's for reporting emergencies and help in closing and clearing at night.  Eventually, it will remain on at all times but, until we get used to it, we'll only turn it on to practice.  According to Len's instructions, to turn it on, press the red button on the front.  There's a volume button on the side; we're told the best volume is 5 - 7 and it's now set to 6.  To talk, push the button on the side, wait for a brief beeping noise, then talk.  This goes out to ALL of the other walkie-talkies in the library.  If a message comes from another location, you'll hear it.  We've been asked to come up with some standard language to use to report an emergency.  I'm open for suggestions.  Len says it should be very clear and concise - something like "Attention, we have a (medical, facilities, etc.) emergency on the 5th floor of Paterno.  Please (call 911, send a policeman, call the facilities emergency number, etc.)." He even suggests, if it's a medical emergency to ask if anyone knows CPR, first aid, etc.  I put it next to the printer - it was the only place it would fit.

If you go to make rounds at Life Sciences, take it with you in case of any problems. 

I'll put this info in an e-mail as well.  

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