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Tuesday, March 31

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Another quiet day today.  I guess no news is good news.

Monday, March 30

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Late posting, busy day.  No news today.  

Friday, March 27

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Don't forget, collection use statistics start on Sunday.  We only count the items we shelve.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 26

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Paul noted that security didn't clear EBSL last night.  I need to keep track of that information, so please make a note of it in the desk log if no one shows up.  Thanks, Paul.

Wednesday, March 25

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Nothing new today.  Just keep putting out the theft cards.

Tuesday, March 24

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The hits just keep on coming:

41-09-0995 Theft
At 1837 hours, a student reported several items were remove from her bag at Paterno Library.  Estimated value is $417.  Investigation by PSO Medina.

41-09-0996 Theft
At 1914 hours, a student reported an unknown person attempted to remove her backpack from Pattee Library.  Investigation by PSO Baker.

Keep handing out those cards.

Monday, March 23

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New E-Mail Addresses

Our e-mail addresses are being changed from to  Once I-Tech meets with us, we will no longer be using the library's web mail, but will use PSU's web mail.  The global has not been changed yet, but when e-mailing individuals, use the address.  I've been told that wage people, although you have psulias addresses, don't need to reconfigure anything since you don't use Eudora.  You will want to notify people not to e-mail you at the psulias address and make sure, if you are forwarding from to, that you change it to the opposite. 

Friday, March 20

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Happy Friday and Happy Spring.  

Thursday, March 19

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ARL Reference and Collection Use Statistics

Reference Statistics will be gathered Sunday, March 22, 2009 - Saturday, March 28, 2009

Collection Use Statistics will be gathered from Sunday, March 29, 2009 - Saturday, April 4, 2009

We will also continue to take our own statistics those weeks, too.  The forms will be at the desk.

Wednesday, March 18

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I've been told that there have been some problems with patrons at closing time and campus police not showing up to clear the room. 

1.  If campus security doesn't come, please make a note if it in the desk journal. 
2.  If patrons refuse to leave or want to argue, ask to see his or her ID.  If they then cooperate, no problem.  If not, and they won't give you the ID, call campus security at 863-1111.  Also, let Gateway know. 

Monday, March 16

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The ERIC website sponsored by the the US government has added functionality by recently adding the Get-It feature to their interface.  You must first select "Find In a Library", and then choices for GetIt appear.  Try it out.

Monday, March 9

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The blog is taking a spring break.  Have a great week.

Friday, March 6

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Happy Friday and have a wonderful Spring Break!

Thursday, March 5

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More thefts - the latest one here, last night.  Check for an e-mail from Paul.  He did the right thing.  If a patron reports a theft to you, call Police Services 863-1111, then call me either on my home phone or on my cell.  Also, I've put some copies of the compiled e-mail police reports that you can leave out with the "theft happens" cards.

Tuesday, March 3

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I scanned the EBSL map and have a link to it from the EBSL homepage.  Eventually, I'd like to have a copy blown up, laminated, and put up in some convenient place.  In the meantime, I'll put a paper copy at the desk by each terminal.

I've put the Spring Break schedule on the Google Calendar.  I'll also clean it up on paper and will post where the sign-up sheet was.  Hard to believe it's next week.

Monday, March 2

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We now have a stock of anti-theft cards at the desk.  When you make your rounds, put them anywhere you see untended items.


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