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Wednesday, January

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From Eloise:

1. People are still not picking up material that is lying around on the trucks and separating it to the labeled trucks. I thought we decided that this was to be done on a constant basis throughout their shifts as they make their rounds. (I hate to name, names but if you want me to I can.)

2. I'm unable to purchase alcohol wipes for the headphones anymore so for now I replaced them with the individual Purell wipes that they will find in the drawer with the headphones.  Please use in place of alcohol wipes.

Tuesday, January 27

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Please read Judy's e-mail about meebo and try it.  I tried it this morning but it wouldn't let me download.  If it works for you, let me know your secret!

Monday, January 26

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No assignment this week.  Please turn in your first assignment (thanks to those who already did.)  Don't forget, assignment 2 is due next Monday.  

Thursday, January 22

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Reminder - bound journals go to the main lending desk for circulation.  EBSL circulates the unbound journals.

A message from the Access Services Council and the Circulation-Reserves Expert Team.

Change in the Default Loan Period for Bound Periodicals
Effective January 22, 2009, the default loan period for bound periodicals is 24 hours with no renewals allowed.
     --- As with most materials, staff at service desks have the option to adjust due dates and times at checkout.
        --- Overdue fees for bound periodicals accrue $3/day to a maximum of $15.

Concomitant with the proliferation of electronic resources, circulation of the periodical item type has decreased by 71% since 2003; with decreased demand greater flexibility is possible. The 24 hr loan period should promote collection use by allowing more flexibility to patrons who need to take volumes out of the library, while still maintaining accessibility to our print journal collections.  Also, as higher numbers of our bound periodicals are annexed, this loan period extension will allow patrons the flexibility to use annexed periodicals in the same manner as they may currently use periodicals available on open shelving.

Wednesday, January 21

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No news is good news!  (PS - check your e-mail regularly...)

Tuesday, January 20

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Hellooooo...anyone out there?  I asked for an e-mail last week when you read an entry and got exactly ONE response.  You now have two short assignments, one due next Monday and one due the following Monday.  I've gotten exactly ONE of the first assignments turned in to me. E-mail me after you read this entry. 

Monday, January 19

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This week's assignment, due on Groundhog Day, February 2 (Monday):
Reference Interviews

Read the module, print out the quiz and put it in my mailbox when finished.  Don't forget to put your name on it.  Last week's assignment is due next Monday, January 26. 

I have requested to have our updated home page with meebo chat activated.  If it's there when you log on to I-google, workflows, etc., please log on to meebo and check it regularly.  See the instructions that were e-mailed and placed in your mailboxes.

Friday, January 16

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Have a happy and safe weekend.  Keep warm!

Thursday, January 15

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In the very near future, we'll be adding the Meebo chat feature to our home page.  I'll be sending an e-mail with instructions on how to use it.  Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 14

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Not much to report today - don't forget about the assignment you were given on Monday's blog!  And send me an e-mail when you read this, so I know you've read it.

Tuesday, January 13

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Housekeeping Reminders

1.  Don't forget to check your mailboxes when you work.  I know you don't have many places to stash stuff, so keeping items in the mailboxes is fine, just pitch anything that you don't need anymore.  I put some more shift lists in them today.  Let me know when you need more.

2.  Please keep your personal items (backpacks, coats, etc.) in 503.  You can use the lockers or not, but it's for the security of your things.  When you leave the desk to make your rounds, help a patron, shelve items, etc. it would be easy for someone to steal from you. 

Monday, January 12

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Here's an assignment for the week:
Go to any one of the Education web pages from our EBSL homepage (adult/workforce ed, children's literature, counselor ed, etc.)  Do at least one search from each database in the "Articles and Databases" section.  Print out the search results (just the first page is fine); write down the web page you used (adult/workforce ed, etc.) and the database you used at the top.  Staple them together, put your name on it, then put it in my box.  They are due two weeks from today (Monday, January 26). 

Wednesday, January 7

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Coming Soon
Our web home page will soon have a meebo chat feature added to it for answering patrons questions.  More info to come, so keep checking this blog.

Tuesday, January 6

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For your reading pleasure, this year's Lake Superior State University's Banished Words List.  Read 'em and weep.

January 5, 2009

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Happy New Year!  Here's wishing everyone a safe and successful spring semester.


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