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Monday, December 15

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Scheduling Meeting Tomorrow
See you at 3:00 for our scheduling/general business meeting tomorrow.  I'm attending a meeting on Thursday to talk about general staffing changes and your schedule may change but we can get a plan and then I can contact you individually if there are modifications needed.

Statistics are a pain but we need to keep taking them because they're used to determine library staffing patterns.  When you come to the last sheet in the folder, don't use it - make more. 

Tuesday, December 9

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Available Computers

From Loanne Snavely, Library Learning Services:
A Message for Service Desks-

Student computer use is at an all time high, and many areas are experiencing ques for computers. Please refer to this page on the Intranet which has been customized for Libraries' computer availability (includes the branches, Law Library as well as Pattee/Paterno). Consider keeping this page open on your desktop during shifts and "refresh" the page before giving directions.

Pattee 211A, the instruction room off the Music and Media Center has been opened for student use during finals on a trial basis, so students may be sent there when other areas are at capacity. Please do not send students to 514 Paterno or 315 Pattee as these rooms are not open.

Monday, December 8

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Next Monday, December 15, we full-timers are bringing in lunch and treats for all of you valiant reference assistants.  We'll set it up in 514, so come by when you can!  It's our holiday treat for you.

Also, don't forget about our scheduling meeting next Tuesday, December 16 at 3:00.  Be thinking about what hours you'd like to work or are available to work.  If you want to e-mail each other and work out a basic plan, that's fine with me - especially if you need a different schedule than you have this semester.

Friday, December 5

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Don't forget to project your holiday hours on labman which need to be entered by December 15 - see the handout I gave you.

Thursday, December 4

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Arts and Humanities Holiday Desk Hours

The Arts and Humanities Library
will close their reference desk all day on Monday 12/22,
Tuesday 12/23, Monday 12/29, Tuesday 12/30, and Wednesday
12/31.  The desk will be staffed with wage payroll staff
from noon-5 pm from Monday 1/5 through Thursday 1/8, and
from 1-5 pm (after In-Service Day) on Friday 1/9.  When the
desk is not staffed, signs will direct users to Gateway,
IM/Chat, the Music and Media Center, and other appropriate

In-Service Day Information

Registration for In-Service Day sessions ends on Friday, December 12.  The list of offerings is here.  Print out the schedule, check the ones you want and put it in my mailbox; I'll forward it to the appropriate people.  You will be paid and the desk will be covered.  If you want to order a hoagie for lunch that day, the form is on the table under the mailboxes. 

Tuesday, December 2

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Temporary Charge Slips

The new version of Workflows seems to be very unstable.  Lending Services gave Paul a bundle of temporary charge slips to use.  (I'll put a sample in your mailboxes.)  If Workflows is down and someone needs to check out a kit or video, simply fill out the slip.  They're pretty self-explanatory.  But, please make sure you fill them out completely and initial them so we know who to ask should there be any questions.  After you fill out the temp slips, give the patron the pink copy.  Keep the white.  When Workflows is working again, enter the information manually.  Put the white slips in my mailbox. 

New EBSL Homepage Coming

Soon, our EBSL homepage will be changing.  We're going to lose the link to this blog.  I'm going to create an I-Google account for EBSL  and will  post a link to the blog there.  Also, I'll be using Google Calendar for the EBSL desk schedule so that everyone will have access.  More on this later.

Monday, December 1

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There were some upgrades over the vacation and, as a result, e-mail is currently down and Workflows is misbehaving.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


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