Wednesday, October 15

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New Special Permission Loan Forms

The new special permission loan forms are finally here.  They should be a lot easier to use.  These are for any items which require permission from the librarians or full-time staff in order to circulate - basically reference items and unbound and bound journals which have been given permission to circulate for more than two hours.  For the time being, we will still circulate unbound journals for the default two hour loan here, using the plastic bags.

The forms are pretty straightforward.  First, check the appropriate loan period or write it in the blank provided.  If it's an unbound journal, write the due date in the blank.  The check "Education" and write the name of the person giving permission and the date.  Put that slip in the item and direct the patron to take it to Lending Services.  They will charge it out to the patron in Workflows.

I will put the forms out at the desk.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

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