Tuesday, October 21

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Training Sessions

Our extra staff training sessions will be on Tuesdays from 3:00- 4:30.  There will be no more than one per month.  I'll let you know the specific dates soon. 

CDs and our terminals

Although this is the first complaint of a problem, there may be more.  When a patron tried to use a TOEFL CD this week, she couldn't download it and use it.  Carol talked to DLT and here's their response and solution:

"As long as I can remember we have never allowed students administrative rights on the public computers. My recommendation would be to have the patron check out a public laptop. They do have admin rights on them since they are reimaged each time they are returned. This would allow them to install what they need to run the CD." 

Hopefully, they won't need any special password, since we don't have one to give out.

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