Wednesday, September 10

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From Karla:

Students from a Mathematics class are going to be coming in asking about three sets of Math textbooks that we own:
Everyday Mathematics      QA135.5.E839  grades K-6
Math Trailblazers              QA135.5.M3656  grades K-5
The third one I'm a little foggy on the title:
Investigating Mathematics: data, source and something, something--when I looked it appeared to me that what we have is CD of this this point I'm unclear if there is a paper component
Anyway, we have them located in Instructional Materials on the left-hand side, at the end of the last shelf on both sides,  when you walk down the middle of the stacks towards the windows/study carels at the back of EBSL.
These three curriculum items are also located in RESERVES on the first floor of the library. So patrons can locate them in two different areas of the library. Of course, reserves has a 2 hour checkout period but they are often open 24 hours. The items in instructional materials on our floor can be checked out for a longer period. However, I've noticed that most of the students have just been making a photo copy of a lesson which is what the assignment involves...analyzing a lesson from each series.

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