Tuesday, September 9

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Printing Problems

As you're aware, patrons are having a lot of trouble printing certain things on the public printers.  Here's an update from Linda Musser of EMS:

I thought I'd share a few bits I've picked up about the
printing  problems (two messages below).  Looks like the
issues are here to stay. Linda

After four times of the public printer going down and
conversations  with ITS's "Joe," Joe indicated that there
really is not any thing  they can do about the printing
problem.  He says it is an Angel problem and Angel will
not cooperate to resolve the problem.  He says it really
is all about "educating" the students" to not print from
Angel and to print from the desktop as an image.  They feel
really badly but Joe says they have tried everything.
Also, he indicated that about two weeks ago, all print jobs
were switched over to one server only.
I checked with the printing support team and got the
following  response. Hope this helps.
I think the problem is more the type of job than the size.
We've been  having problems all over campus with people
printing PDFs. For  whatever reason they tend to hang the
printer with a 49.4C02 error.  The EMS printer's event log
shows many of those errors lately. Once  that error is
displayed, a call to the hot phone (777-0035) is needed  to
clear the job from the queue. The current work-around for
the PDF  problem is to have users select "print as image"
before sending the  job. Here's how to do that in case
anyone needs the information:

  To print as image:

   1. Open the PDF file in Acrobat.
   2. Choose File > Print.
   3. Click Advanced.
   4. Select Print As Image near the top of the dialog box.
   5. Click OK, and then click OK again to print.

I've found if you can't find the "print as image" box from file>print, click on the printer icon and follow the rest of the directions.

And, on a personal note, this is Ben's 22nd birthday.  And even though he won't be reading this, Happy Birthday Ben!!!  (It's a Mom thing...)

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