Wednesday, April 2

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Changes in the Procedure for Requesting Annexed Material for Visitors

You will see changes in the following three places:

1) ILLiad:
After you log onto ILLiad, you will see a menu selection on the left.  At the very end of the selection is a section called "Library Staff Only."  Choosing "Request Annexed Item for Visitor" will take you to a request form which asks for visitor information such as name, email, library card number if they have a card, and pickup/delivery location.
The pickup locations for University Park are Lending Services for Pattee and Paterno Libraries and the Branch Libraries.  For copy, you can choose to have Annex Staff forward the copy directly to the visitor,  have Annex Staff post the article to your ILLiad account for you to forward to the visitor, or have Annex Staff send the copy to Lending Services via email or to the Branch Libraries via Ariel.

2) Webpage from the link "submit request for annexed material" in the CAT
The website from the link "Submit Request for Annexed Material" located at has been revised with the following information:
Service Desk Staff assisting Visitors:
1) Log onto ILLiad
2) Use the "Request Annexed Item for Visitor" option located under the "Library Staff Only" section - last choice on the main menu.
3) Follow Instructions on the displayed ILLiad webpage

There also is a link from that page to the Training Bulletin.

3) Access Services Training Bulletin #13
The procedure for requesting annexed material for visitors has been updated and is documented in Access Services Training Bulletin #13 entitled, "Requesting Annexed Material for Visitors"  located at

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