Thursday, April 24

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Sorry about the goofy fonts.  I'm cutting and pasting from different sources.

Printing Change - Coming Soon
In the next week or so there'll be an announcement about changes in the ITS Printing Service; essentially this entails a much more convenient way for students to purchase pages beyond their 110 page quota. With the change, they'll be able to purchase pages online and won't have to go to a signature station (a pain if the student is in a lab and has to leave their seat to go and do this.) The announcement of this enhancement will read something like:

"Beginning May 12, 2008, students at University Park, Harrisburg and Carlisle will use their LionCash+ account to purchase additional pages for printing in ITS computer labs and classrooms. Using LionCash+ enables a quick and convenient way for students to purchase additional printing pages and replaces the old method of locating a signature station, agreeing to bursar billing and waiting for authorization to occur. With LionCash+ for Printing, students will continue to receive 110 subsidized pages each semester. However, as of May 12, additional pages can be purchased at any time online as long as there aresufficient funds in the LionCash+ account. There is no charge for the transaction. In addition, printing does not debit or affect the LionCash+ account and any unused purchased pages may be returned for credit to the LionCash+ account once a semester. Additional details are available at .

Faculty and staff will also be able to purchase pages online.  UP, Harrisburg and Carlisle will move to this new payment system together and once that's in place, focus will go to campuses who want to participate.

Phone Info

Saturday morning, 04/26/08 from 12:00AM to 5:00AM TNS will perform an upgrade on the VoIP system. This upgrade will require a reset of the phones and will affect inbound and outbound calls briefly, however will not affect any calls in progress.

Service may be affected starting on April 26, 2008 at 12:00AM. The estimated time of resolution is April 26, 2008 at 5:00AM.

Call Trace capability has been added to the University Park VoIP telephone system. By hanging up and dialing *57 immediately after receiving an obscene, harassing or life-threatening phone call, users of the University's Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system can request a trace against the telephone number used to place the call. The service will only trace the last incoming call and details of the trace will be flagged for use only by University Police Services. Activating Call Trace does not automatically alert Police Services that an obscene, harassing or life-threatening call has occurred. Therefore, individuals are encouraged to notify University Police Services at 3-1111 if such a call has been received to begin an investigation. Detailed instructions for using Call Trace at University Park are outlined at

To learn more about VoIP, visit

To schedule VoIP training or download VoIP training handouts and view tutorials, visit

To get VoIP help, call 865-HELP
[5-4357] or 863-HELP [3-4357] or email VoIP support at

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