Monday, April 28

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From DLT:

We are in the final week of classes when students are finishing up papers. In the past, DLT has seen  problems when a student opens a attachment in webmail which, by default, is saved to a temporary space on the computer. So when they save their file it is not saving it back to their webmail but to that temp space that gets erased after they log off. This means that any changes are lost.

So, the solution to this problem is for them to do a Save As in Word, Excel, etc. and have them save to either their USB key drive or network drive. DLT cannot retrieve lost work for them. Please help students avoid the stress, disappointment, and loss of time by reminding them to use the Save As function when working on public computers. Thanks in advance.


I've fixed the gaps I found in the Oracle calendar.  I've printed out the schedule for the week and it's at the desk.  Hopefully, Oracle will behave itself for awhile.

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