Wednesday, December 12

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Contacts for Bad Weather

If the weather is bad and you can't make it in, call people in this order:
then part-time people.

Judy, Carol, and Eloise are going to be affected because of long commutes, so they're not on the list at all.

If you open, please try to contact me or others on the list by 6:30 at the latest.

I've updated the contact list and put it at the desk and in your mailbox. Eloise will "pretty it up" later but all the information you need is there now. Make sure you have a copy at home where you can use it.

And thank you again for my birthday planter and card! It meant a lot.

Of Mice and Men

Caroline met with Bill, the mouse man, this morning. He's placed glue traps in several locations in 502 (the office area) and in 503. There's also one in Caroline's desk, so if you hear a scream, you'll know she caught one. She'll provide a list of trap locations soon.

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Caroline said:

Mouse trap locations Jenny referred to in her last post are as follows:

In 503: 2 under blue lockers
In 502: 1 under printer table behind recycling bin.
In my office: 1 behind my trash can; 1 in bottom, right drawer of my computer desk

If you notice a mouse in any of these traps, please call Bill, The Mouseman, immediately at 280-6291 between 6am-4pm.

And please try to keep food area on top of refrigerator clean!


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