Thursday, December 13

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Blog Crossword Quiz

You'll find the grids to answer this crossword challenge in the first folder (yellow file folder in a green hanging folder) behind the card basket in the headphone card drawer. Put the completed crossword puzzles in my mailbox when you're finished - and don't forget your name! Answers can be found throughout all the blog archives dating back to October.

1. Take lost and found items to ________.
3. _______ kit parts before discharging.
6. Patrons are charged half ______ for our one-sided printing.
8. We are considered non-essential employees, so if the university is shut down by bad weather, the library is ______.
11. Contact _________ first if the weather is bad and you can't make it in to cover your shift.

2. Always _______ items before shelving.
4. CDs circulate the same way as ___________.
5. The November 9 topic deals with _______.
7. Patrons may get _______ access accounts by going to Lending Services or the Gateway.
9. If the library is closed during the day because of bad weather, there is always the chance that we may be open __________.
10. Do _____ discharge items that we don't circulate.

I'll be out tomorrow (Friday), so this is the last blog entry this week.

And, for your viewing pleasure, and in honor of our library mouse - SCTV's Bob and Doug McKenzie and the Great White North present Mouse in the Bottle!

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jq said:


One game (word puzzle) a day would be a great source of motivation!

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