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Thursday, December 20

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I'm out of here after today, so no more blogging until January 2. I hope everyone has a wonderful, relaxing, and safe holiday break!!

Wednesday, December 19

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Just Because I Got Nothin' Else Today

The Great Cookie Thief

Tuesday, December 18

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Winter Break Projects

From Eloise:
This message is for anyone who is working over the semester break. This is the time that we do a lot of cleaning around the library. I'm asking that while there is more than one person scheduled for the desk, to please find something else to do from the list below. I will also have some ownership checking that will need to be done but I will talk with individuals separately about this. Please divide the work up and take turns covering the desk. Since this is the first time that Xu Xu is here over the holidays, please give her some guidance.

These should all be cleaned with the 3M Desk & Office Cleaner.

Carrels in the back of the library
Carrels with computers in front of library and by restrooms
Large study tables
Any other flat surface such as file cabinets, map cabinet, etc.

We also need to give Room 514 a good cleaning. Include in your cleaning schedule the following:

Conference table
Computers and tables
(Please don't do anything with the shelving units except the ones over the computers on the far wall.)

Don't forget Room 513.

Study table
All electronic equipment and computer

I will place all cleaning supplies on the round table in room 503. Please return them to the table when you're through using them. Do Not use anything on the computer screens.

If you have any questions about this email or the cleaning, please talk with me by Friday as I will not be back in the office until January 3.

Monday, December 17

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We're winding down! Please check meeting maker this week for holiday hours and your spring semester schedule. If there are any errors, please let me know.

Thursday, December 13

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Blog Crossword Quiz

You'll find the grids to answer this crossword challenge in the first folder (yellow file folder in a green hanging folder) behind the card basket in the headphone card drawer. Put the completed crossword puzzles in my mailbox when you're finished - and don't forget your name! Answers can be found throughout all the blog archives dating back to October.

1. Take lost and found items to ________.
3. _______ kit parts before discharging.
6. Patrons are charged half ______ for our one-sided printing.
8. We are considered non-essential employees, so if the university is shut down by bad weather, the library is ______.
11. Contact _________ first if the weather is bad and you can't make it in to cover your shift.

2. Always _______ items before shelving.
4. CDs circulate the same way as ___________.
5. The November 9 topic deals with _______.
7. Patrons may get _______ access accounts by going to Lending Services or the Gateway.
9. If the library is closed during the day because of bad weather, there is always the chance that we may be open __________.
10. Do _____ discharge items that we don't circulate.

I'll be out tomorrow (Friday), so this is the last blog entry this week.

And, for your viewing pleasure, and in honor of our library mouse - SCTV's Bob and Doug McKenzie and the Great White North present Mouse in the Bottle!

Wednesday, December 12

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Contacts for Bad Weather

If the weather is bad and you can't make it in, call people in this order:
then part-time people.

Judy, Carol, and Eloise are going to be affected because of long commutes, so they're not on the list at all.

If you open, please try to contact me or others on the list by 6:30 at the latest.

I've updated the contact list and put it at the desk and in your mailbox. Eloise will "pretty it up" later but all the information you need is there now. Make sure you have a copy at home where you can use it.

And thank you again for my birthday planter and card! It meant a lot.

Of Mice and Men

Caroline met with Bill, the mouse man, this morning. He's placed glue traps in several locations in 502 (the office area) and in 503. There's also one in Caroline's desk, so if you hear a scream, you'll know she caught one. She'll provide a list of trap locations soon.

Tuesday, December 11

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One final Labman Reminder

Please enter the hours you're scheduled to work over Christmas Break for December 9 - December 22 in Labman now. The hours will be submitted to Human Resources on Monday, December 17 and you'll be paid on January 4. If you enter hours that you end up not working, we can correct that after the holidays. Hours worked from December 23 - January 5 will be entered as normal by January 7.

Monday, December 10

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Holiday Party Tomorrow!

You are invited to a Holiday something this coming Tuesday from 3 to 5 PM at the State Room in the Allen Street Grill at the corner of College and Allen--go down the hall on the 2nd floor of the Hotel State College, past the bathroom till you get to the end and listen for the sounds of talking. The full timers are treating the part timers! Please RSVP to Steven by Monday at 5 PM so we can call in the final count to the restaurant.

Friday, December 7

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For your Friday Holiday viewing pleasure "Hardrock, Coco, and Joe"

Have a safe and relaxing weekend!

Thursday, December 6

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From this week's "Interview" about her sabbatical:

Carol A. Wright, librarian, education and behavioral
sciences librarian, Education and Behavioral Sciences
Library, University Park Campus. To analyze
the impact of federal education legislation (No Child
Left Behind Act, 2001 and the Education Sciences Reform
Act, 2002) on content coverage in the ERIC database,
with specific attention to journal titles, association
and society publications, and conference proceedings.
May 1 through Aug. 31, 2008.

Congratulations, Carol!

Wednesday, December 5

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Circulation Reminders

Here are the items we circulate (meaning charging and discharging):
*audio and video
*current unbound periodicals
*reference materials with special permission of librarians (service desk materials never circulate)

If you discharge any items that are not those listed above, it creates problems because of the location of the items in the system. Items are cataloged by item type and library. It's very confusing. If you'd like me to show you what I mean in Workflows, let me know. It's too complicated to explain here. Bottom line is don't discharge items we don't circulate. Yes, we sometimes charge items not listed above for the convenience of the patron, but that's the exception. There should be no exceptions to the discharge rule.

Also, remember to count kit parts before the items are discharged. It's helpful if the patron waits while you do this so he or she knows immediately if there is a problem. I know patrons don't always wait, but try to encourage them to do this.

Labman Payroll Reminder - Early Deadlines

Pay period 11/25/07 through 12/8/07 (paid 12/21/07) should be completed on Monday, 12/10/07, ASAP.

Pay period 12/9/07 through 12/22/07 (paid 1/4/08) should be completed on Monday, 12/17/07, ASAP.

*In order to meet the early deadlines, hours should be projected. Adjustments can be made on succeeding payrolls if necessary.

Tuesday, December 4

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Scheduling Meeting this Afternoon

Our meeting this afternoon will be primarily scheduling the desk for the spring semester. We'll also address a few housekeeping and business items. See you at 3:30!


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