Wednesday, October 24

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Here are the important "business" points from yesterday's training session:

* Statistics begin on Sunday (Oct. 28) with reference statistics. Collections statistics (the items WE shelve) begin the following Sunday (Nov. 4).

* Read the Interview each week.

*Do not send anyone to get RADs until further notice.

* Review Opening and Closing Procedures (handout and "How Do I"

*Use the proper size book cover when covering books.

*Shred headphone cards when headphones are returned. Wipe them with alcohol pads before putting in drawer.

*Call in facilities problems in emergency or urgent situation. Otherwise use helpdesk.

*Copy ebsl on helpdesk messages and write in book at desk.

*Keep the reference desk area clean.

*Make sure materials left out in Room 513 are shelved.

*Always discharge items on truck by desk before shelving. Count parts, check titles, etc.

*Remember, when you're not busy, cover books, look for reviews, do ownership checks, cut up scrap paper, etc. (The patron ALWAYS comes first, however!)

*Walk through the library periodically to make yourself more visible to patrons. Clean up as you go.

*Remember to sign all notes you place on items or in the book so we'll know who to ask if there are follow-up questions or responses.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Caroline said:

When patrons ask for assistance with printing PDFs, I always tell them to select "Print as image" under the "Advanced" printing options (or I select it for them and show them where that is) so that the doc. they're printing doesn't print as garbage (and possibly, "hang" the printer, too). I think all of you probably know this---but I thought I'd mention this in case you didn't.

At Pollock, I put little yellow signs on all of the computers to try to prevent these problems. I see ITS (or someone) put one on the printer---but it's usually too late when students see it there. -Caroline

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