Monday, October 29

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Information about Workflows - Please read and follow these directions when you log on for your next shift:

Since October 9th, some of you have reported problems receiving the Java Client update. We have also seen instances where Patch Cluster 5C and the client updates loaded successfully on the first day, but subsequently reverted to the older version. In the majority of cases this occurred on workstations (circ computers with mini-printers) and shared computers where DLT is the administrator. So, please take some time this week to ensure that everyone who logs into these computers is using the current version.

In Workflows, Click on Help
Then, About
Under the copyright date (1996-2007), you should see GL3.1.3.360.3
If any other numbers appear instead of 360.3, restart your computer and try again.
If restarting your computer doesn't work, you'll need to submit a Helpdesk ticket (please add my email to the notify field)

One more thing. The Circ-Reserve Expert Team made a small tweak to the Java Client receipt printer documentation.
It is recommended that you check the "Show this window on next startup" box on the Configuration page. You can change the current setting in Workflows. Go to Preference --> Configuration. Check the box and Click OK.

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