Lost and Found Procedure - Thursday, Oct. 18

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Just a reminder of the Lost and Found Procedure -

If an ID, textbook, jump drive, notebook, wallet, etc. is left in EBSL, we are to take it to Lending Services as soon as possible. Do not contact the patron and direct them here. Apparently, this causes problems in Lending, since people tend to go there even though they're told to come up here. They keep a database of items turned in and have developed extensive procedures which they follow.

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Caroline said:

I like this blog, Jenny! This is really cool! Thanks for the info.

I did know this detail---because we sent hundreds of items to Lending (from Pollock) over the years! We used to complete the forms for the items, though. I guess all of the libraries outside of Pattee and Paterno complete the forms for items they send to Lending???

Anyway, Thanks!


Jenny said:

I guess they have the forms down there and fill them out themselves. We don't have to fill anything out, just take the items down.

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