Wednesday, January 16

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Day 2 of Blog Watch.  No one currently in EBSL has responded to yesterday's post by e-mail.  The first and most valuable prize went to Kim Warren, who now works in another department.  Congratulations Kim and too bad for the rest of you.  There's one valuable prize for the next responder but if that response doesn't come today and tomorrow, it will not be awarded.  And the blog and its jokes will die a sad death. 

A sad blog joke:

What's large, gray, and doesn't matter?
An irrelephant.

Tuesday, January 15

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Hello...anyone out there?  Is this thing on <feedback>?  Test, test...check one, check one... test...test... <clears throat>  HrrmphIF YOU R... sorry, I had this thing up too loud... if you read the blog, please send me an e-mail after you've seen this.  I'm starting to think this might be a waste of my time and bad jokes.  The very first person responding will win a valuable prize.  Everyone else, maybe.  Also, if you have suggestions about better ways to impart information, I'd be happy to hear them. 

Bad joke of the day - sorry if it's a repeat:

How does the man in the moon cut his hair?

Eclipse it!

Thursday, January 10

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The January blahs are getting to me and I have no new information. 

For some reason I chose a cowboy joke for today.  It's bad but it was the first I read that made me snort:

Q: Why did the bowlegged cowboy get fired?

A: Because he couldn't keep his calves together!


I'm off on Fridays, so have a great weekend.  Do something fun and relaxing! 

Wednesday, January 9

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Pink Cards
Remember to put the pink cards back in each kit after you count pieces and discharge it. 

Leave Computer On!
When logging off the desk computer(s), please don't shut down unless there's a problem.  It takes a looooooooong time to get it up and running again. 

Short and really bad joke:
What did the prison doctor say to the district attorney?
"You try my patients."

Tuesday, January 8

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Nothing new today, just a Sven and Olie winter joke:

Sven and Olie died and went to Hell. After awhile, the Devil came by to see how his new guests were doing. To his amazement, he found Sven and Olie were still wearing their winter gear and seemed to be quite comfortable. The Devil asked why they weren't hot.

Olie replied, "We come from Minnesota where it's always cold. This is feeling pretty good to us."

This upset the Devil, so he turned up the thermostat. Awhile later the Devil looked in again on Sven and Olie. To his surprise he found they were still wearing their winter gear. The Devil questioned  them on it again.  

"You have to remember that we are from Minnesota and it's very, very cold there. This is feeling nice to us."

The Devil was even madder at this, so he turned the thermostat all the way up to maximum temperature. The Devil waited some time and then went back to Sven and Olie. This time he found they had only unzipped their coats, but still had all their winter clothes on. The Devil couldn't understand what was going on. The punishment down here was supposed to be the unbearable heat. It wasn't working on these two. He had to ask again what the deal was.

Sven replied, "We are Minnesotans and we just got over a freezing winter. This is really great for Olie and Me."

A light flickered in the Devil's mind. He went to the thermostat and turned it off. He thought if the heat wasn't a punishment, maybe he'd give them some freezing temperatures. A little while later the Devil came back to check in on Sven and Olie only to find them cheering and giving each other high fives, happier than ever! The Devil questioned them on their actions and Sven said happily, "Back home they always said, the Vikings will win the Super Bowl when Hell freezes over!!!"


Monday, January 7

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Authentication Problems

From Chris Holobar:

All, my apologies if you do not need this information, but it's been suggested that I share it broadly. We've created a page documenting some recent user authentication problems and their solutions (this is a public page currently linked from the Commons Services intranet):

We began seeing the second issue on this page last fall.  Briefly, it occurs because students enrolled during the past few semesters have identical Friends of Penn State IDs (created when students begin applying for enrollment) and Access IDs (created shortly after registration).  If students also create Access passwords that match their FPS passwords, then resources such as eLion, ANGEL, and the CAT may attempt to authenticate to both systems. If the FPS system responds first, then students will have Friends of Penn State credentials, with limited access to many of our resources. The solution recommended by the ITS helpdesk is to have students change their Access passwords so that the two passwords no longer match.  

Please contact me if you have any questions,

Joke of the Day (having no connection to anything, I just remembered it for some reason):

Two cannibals meet one day. The first cannibal says, "You know, I just can't seem to get a tender Missionary. I've baked them, I've roasted them, I've stewed them, I've barbecued them, I've tried every sort of marinade. I just cannot seem to get them tender."

The second cannibal asks, "What kind of Missionary do you use?"

The other replied, "You know, the ones that hang out at that place at the bend of the river. They have those brown cloaks with a rope around the waist and they're sort of bald on top with a funny ring of hair on their heads."

"Ah, ha!" the second cannibal replies. "No wonder ... those are friars!"

Monday, December 10

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Alternative Non-Library Study Rooms - read all the way down for the lame joke if you're so inclined.
From Kelly in the Knowledge Commons (my apologies for wonky formatting):

Residence Halls:

Information provided on the Student Affairs Website (

"To reserve rooms in the residence hall commons areas, you must be a registered student group, and have a contact person that lives on campus. All non-registered student groups must be co-sponsored by Residence Life or an area government to reserve space.

Any reservations that require University contracts or security need to be submitted at least four weeks in advance. If reservations requiring these services are received with less than four weeks' notice they may be declined/refused due to time and staffing restrictions and limitations. All reservations requiring food approval need to be submitted 10 business days prior to the event.

Please allow two to three business days for all reservations to be processed."


Halls with study spaces:


Warnock, Redifer, Pollock, 

East Halls:


Rooms available for study/reservation:

122, 124 Findlay

                         102, 103 Johnston

106, 108 109, 110 Fischer    

Note on East Halls: No reservation required for group study, only for groups and meetings, using the online system ( Room are available for group study 24 hours.  Also, For the Commons  listed above possibly one of the students has to live there.    

Bank of America Career Services :

The building has some recruiter/interviewee rooms big enough for 2 people and 2 laptops. They also have a larger conference room that is available the 6th and 7th with tables and chairs. They can call or just stop in. They can get the info on the website:


Building Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m

Penn State Learning Study Spaces:
From Penn State Learning's Website (

"Penn State Learning provides areas where groups of up to six students can work on projects, assignments, or presentations for classes. Each teamwork area features a large table, up to six chairs, an ITS computer, and either a whiteboard or chalkboard. * Note - we do not provide headphones or external microphones."  

"Guidelines: Reservations may be made in advance, however walk-ins are welcome.  Teamwork areas can be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours. You may request additional time only if there are openings at the end of your session. If your group is 15 minutes late, your reservation will be forfeited."

More information is available at the above URL.




                        Rooms Available for study/reservation: 7b

Information from Penn State Learning's Website:


"Our new Problem Practice & Teamwork Room in 7B Sparks is designed as a small classroom for board work and group projects.  The room is designed so that five or six students can work simultaneously at whiteboards on problems displayed on a large computer monitor.  Portable chairs, folding tables, and one whiteboard may be arranged to suit instructional and group needs. The room can accommodate up to ten in a seminar or conference room set-up. Instructors with limited office space are welcome to reserve 7B Sparks for meeting with student groups during regular hours. 
The room is also ideal for math oral assessments."



Sparks hours:


6:00 PM - 10:00 PM


10:00 AM - 10:00 PM


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM



               Boucke Learning Center:

                              Rooms available for study/reservation: 220 Boucke

·         Teamwork Area 1(A): Seats up to 6, PC, 2 whiteboards

·         Teamwork Area 2(B):  Seats up to 6, Mac, chalkboard and whiteboard

·         Teamwork Area 3(C):  Seats up to 6, PC, 2 whiteboards

·         Teamwork Area 4(D): Seats up to 10, 1 PC, chalkboard

·         Teamwork Area 5(E): Seats up to 6, PC, whiteboard

·         Teamwork Area 6(F): Seats up to 6, PC, chalkboard and whiteboard

Boucke Hours:



6:00  AM 0 10:00 PM

Monday - Thursday


10:00 AM - 10:00 PM




10:00 AM - 3:00 PM






IST Building:

The building houses several computer labs that are open 24hrs a day, although some are only for use by Computer Science majors or students with approved projects/classes.  (220 IST is the lab that is open to all students). A Penn State ID is required for entry to labs, and for building entry at night and on weekends.  Go to

for more information. 

Pasquerilla Spiritual Center/Eisenhower Chapel

Hours: 8am to 10:30pm


Spaces for study:

·         Eisenhower Chapel

·         Worship Hall

·         Garden Room (good for study--sits 64 with round tables and chairs)

·         Memorial Lounge (has couches, and tables)

·         Various comfortable chairs available throughout building

Note: these spaces are reserved for religious worship and group meetings.  They are only available to students who want group study space if they have not previously been reserved by the religious groups.  They may only be reserved for group study in person on a drop-in basis.

Also, there will be snacks available throughout finals week!  So that's fun.



Information on Study Spaces, excerpted from  Penn State Live article: (

-- Business Building
The Business Building offers various places to study, whether students choose one of the couches on the ground floor or hole up in one of the classrooms. Either way, the atmosphere offers quiet places to buckle down with the books.

-- Hammond Building
There's a library and a computer lab on the third floor, all in a classroom building close to downtown.

-- Hintz Family Alumni Center
Many students have only been here for a Blue and White Society bash, but the leather couches, long tables and serene atmosphere offer a great place to study from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and occasionally on Saturdays. 

-- HUB Study Rooms
While many students may think the HUB-Robeson Center is too noisy to get work done, surprise, surprise -- study rooms behind the art gallery on the second floor near the HUB Auditorium offer a secluded, quiet place to study.

-- Life Sciences Building, 3rd floor bridge between Life Sciences and Chemistry buildings
Those who really love the comfy chairs in the Harry Potter room but never get a seat now have a new spot to call their own. The study area on the bridge is filled with comfy chairs all lined along the window to provide a great view of Shortlidge Road.

Joke of the Day:

Luke Skywalker: Dear Miss Manners, now that the Evil Empire is defeated, I spend most of my time as a goodwill ambassador to alien cultures, where I find many unfamiliar customs. Can you give me any simple, universal advice about table manners?

Miss Manners: Use the forks, Luke


Tuesday, December 4

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End of Semester Hours:

From Anne Snowman:

Due to the overwhelming demand for late-evening study space; Library Management Council, on Tuesday, recommended extending building hours from midnight to 2:00 a.m. - two weeks in advance of finals extended hours.  Dean Dewey immediately approved the change for the remainder of the fall semester.

Discussion of the change brought to light a previously unrecognized safety issue.  A second means of egress from the ground level of Central Pattee -  only available through the Maps Library - is required.  Therefore, the hours of the Maps Library will be extended to match building hours. 

Joke of the Day (an old one you've probably read before):

At Duke University, there were four sophomores taking Organic Chemistry. They did so well on all the quizzes, midterms and labs, etc., that each had an "A" so far for the semester. These four friends were so confident that the weekend before finals, they decided to go up to the University of Virginia and party with some friends there. They had a great time - however, after all the hardy-partying, they slept all day Sunday and didn't make it back to Duke until early Monday morning. Rather than taking the final then, they decided to find their professor after the final and explain to him why they missed it.

They explained that they had gone to UVA for the weekend with the plan to come back in time to study, but, unfortunately, they had a flat tire on the way back, didn't have a spare, and couldn't get help for a long time. As a result, they missed the final.

The professor thought it over and then agreed they could make up the final the following day. The guys were elated and relieved. They studied that night and went in the next day at the time the professor had told them. He placed them in separate rooms and handed each of them a test booklet, and told them to begin.

They looked at the first problem, worth five points. It was something simple about free radical formation.

"Cool," they thought at the same time, each one in his separate room, "this is going to be easy." Each finished the problem and then turned the page.

On the second page was written:
(For 95 points): Which tire?

Monday, December 3

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I'll be very brief today - cover books.

Have a great Monday and a great week. 

Joke of the Day:
A patron asked the librarian why Tales of Robin Hood had been withdrawn from the collection. The librarian replied, "Too much Saxon violence."

Tuesday, November 27

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Reminder about Special Ed Assignment
A patron came in this morning and was looking for the Science and Social Studies texts for her Special Ed assignment.  I thought I had printed out the info and kept it at the desk, but couldn't find it.  I reprinted two copies and put them at the circ terminal and the other desk terminal.  And here it is, too.  (Thanks, Suzanne!)

Some of you may have already encountered this question at the desk, and I apologize for not alerting everyone quicker. I knew about this assignment on Friday and forgot to send it out.

Students may come to the desk asking where the Elementary Science and Social Studies textbooks are located--most of them will be in Instructional Materials (LB1584 or LB1585 or inbetween those call numbers) The books are actually easy to spot once you get in that section. We have new, current materials in both of these subject areas.

In the assignment, students are asked to photocopy or scan one page from a Science or Social Studies text. The professor does not want the students to check the books out. That's all they have to do! :-)

When they get to class they will be entering text from the page they scanned or copied into a free software program that will adapt the text for learners who have special needs, and than they will do some additional activities with the text!

;-) Karla

P.S. The science and social studies texts may be laying on carts around the library as students use the materials!

Jokes will return tomorrow.  I'm too busy getting caught up from my break to find any at the moment.


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