High School to College, a new start

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The jump from high school to college is one of the biggest leaps a young person will take in their lifetime. Summer session has eased that landing as it provides a preview of what is to come in the fall. I have gained a new perspective on the college experience by taking CAS and IST, which have showed me the importance of Penn State's community. CAS has allowed me to become more comfortable talking in front of larger groups of people. I think the experience just by making three main speeches has given me an edge on other students who will be coming in the fall. IST has given me foundation knowledge of how people, information and technology interact. I have learned that this interconnected system is apart our everyday life. Technology is all around us and it is definitely important for me to understand the effects it has on our world. By utilizing these two classes, the leap to fall session will be a soft lading.

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