Cloning Experiment Annotated Biblio

Patrick Desmond

February 16, 2010

Cloning Experiments

Annotated Bibliography

1.     "Fox Chase Cancer Center Research." Fox Chase Concer Center. Web. 16 Feb 2010. <>.

The Fox Chase Cancer Center is where the cloning experiments of King and Briggs were conducted.  This site is a good source of information to help understand where this facility has come from, and where it plans to be in the future.  There is information there about current news at Fox Chase, research being conducted there, as well as history about the center.  All of these things will be important for constructing a paper that starts with an experiment conducted over 50 years ago and moves up through what is being done there today.

2.     "Thomas J. King." Society for Developmental Biology. Society for Developmental Biology, Web. 16 Feb 2010.

Dr. Thomas King was one of the two scientists heading the cloning experiment.  This article provides important information on his life such as where he grew up, where studied, and why he did what he did.  These aspects of his life will be important in developing how and why he got into the field of research which led to these important experiments.

3.     DiBerardino, M, and R.G. McKinnell. "The Pathway to Animal Cloning and Beyond-- Robert Briggs (1911-1983) and Thomas J. King (1921-2000)." Journal of Experimental Zoology. 301A. (2004): 275-279. Print.

This article from the Journal of Zoology is an interesting source.  It discusses how King and Briggs paved the way for cloning, and why it was such an important breakthrough.  It discusses various experiments conducted dealing with cloning performed by the two men, in particular the methods utilized and the conclusions drawn.  This is interesting because it is an article about another scientist's work, which can give another perspective on the experiments King and Briggs performed.

4.     Briggs, R., and T.J. King. "Transplantation of Living Nuclei from Blastula Cells into Enucleated Frogs' Eggs." Zoology. 38. (1952): 455-463. Print.

This is the original article published by King and Briggs in 1952 which introduced the idea of nuclear transfer.  It contains the background, methodology, results, and conclusions used and obtained from their cloning experiments.  Since it is the original paper on the research which made them famous, it is a necessary source of information for an acceptable article.

5.     "Nuclear Transfer." Encyclopedia Britannica. 2010. Encyclopedia Britannica Online. 16 Feb. 2010 <>.

Nuclear transfer is the process used by King and Briggs which allowed them to perform the first successful cloning experiment.  This encyclopedia entry gives history on the technique behind nuclear transfer, along with when it has been attempted in experimentation.  Since the cloning experiments relied on this method, it is an important source of information.

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