Optimizing Search Engines


The most important thing that a company can do to increase traffic on their website is to optimize it.  Thus, making their website search engine friendly so that when a customer enters a search query your website is among the top in organic search results.



Landing Pages


One of the most important steps in optimizing a website is to create individual landing pages.  This is important for two reasons; it allows viewers an easy way to navigate your website and helps a search engine recognize the content as relevant to the search query.  For instance, if someone types in "statistical software" and Minitab has a page specific to "statistical software" they will be a lot more likely to show up then if "statistical software" was jammed on the same page as " financial reports", "how-to", etc. 



Titles and Meta Tags


Titles for the different landing pages are very important, they should be clear and label what each page is talking about, helping search engines recognize them.  Your current website, www.minitab.com, already does a great job of this so it is important to follow this same format for your help center. Meta tags should also incorporate the main keyword or phrase of the site such as "statistical software". Meta tags are the HTML codes that contain a description of the webpage, once again helping the search engine recognize the site as relevant.





In addition to landing pages and titles, the main copy is another key factor of search engine optimization.  The copy should be clear and specific to the topic of the landing page; too much information can confuse the search engine.  Therefore, make sure to include the keyword or phrase in different ways several times throughout the page.  Ultimately, I would have a tab on your main website that is labeled "help center", then on that page I would have a series of links that will allow the viewer to easily navigate to a landing page for the specific product or concern. 



Back Links


Once you start to have a presence on the web, other companies, blogs, social media efforts, etc will hopefully start to link to your website as a viable source.  Once this happens, your search engine ranking should go up considerably.  The search engine wants to know that your website is a reliable source of information, which is proven by having back links to your site.



How SEO Can Help SEM


Once your website is properly optimized, search engine marketing should be considered.  Although this is a paid search, the company does not pay unless someone clicks on the ad, which shows up on the side or top of the search engine results page.  If your website is properly optimized, it will have a high quality score which allow your advertisement to be seen on the top of the first page as well as lower the bid your company has to make for the clicks.  Ultimately, search engines reward companies for having a well-built webpage by lowering their click cost in a high cost zone.  It is important in search engine marketing for the advertisements to be specific to each search query and bring the viewer to the specific landing page.  For instance, if a user types in "statistical software" you SEM advertisement should include this term in the title and copy and bring the user to the "statistical software" landing page.


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Optimizing Search Engines

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