Create a Meme or Promotional Video

The purpose of this assignment is to create a promotional video of your business concept.

The following video is a weird kind of wonderful example of something you might want to try if you can sing and dance: Font interface with Lady Gaga.

The video promotes a font called Neutra Face in a parody and clebration of Lady Gaga's music video Pokerface. Your videos do not need to be so elaborate or fantastical. Videos must fulfill the following guidelines:

  • Promote your business concept
  • Be no more than 2 minutes in length. That does not mean it must be 2 minutes, a one minute or less video is sufficient.
  • Be made in  high a quality  
  • Contain original work, creative commons licensed material, public domain material or permission to use copyright protected material.

  • Have the consent from any people appearing in your video.

You might consider this project an integral part of your elevator pitch at the end of the semester.


Note: videos using non-licensed, copyrighted musical, visual, or literary properties without legal permission will not receive a grade.


There are plenty of resources that provide access to re-usable materials. Consider these video, music, and image sites - many of which feature content licensed for re-use under Creative Commons:

You might even want to consider producing a viral marketing video, a meme of sorts:


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