Junjie Liang

Ph.D. Candidate @ Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

College of Information Sciences and Technology

The Pennsylvania State University

E-mail: jul672 (at) ist.psu.edu  

Office: E349 Westgate Building, State College, PA, 16802

CV, LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter.

I am a Research Assistant in IST, PSU. I feel pleasure to be advised by Dr. Vasant Honavar. I earned my master’s degree in CSE, South China University of Technology (SCUT) right before joining to PSU at 2017.




[Publication] 1 Paper accepted by WWW’21

[Publication] 1 Paper accepted by NDSS’21.

[Publication] 3 Paper accepted by AAAI’21.

[Intern] Join the security group in JD.COM as return intern for summer 2020. During this summer, I will be working on Causal Reinforcement Learning with Dr Xinyu Xing.

[Publication] Paper accepted by AAAI’20.

[Intern] Happy to join the security group in JD.COM for summer 2019. During the summer research, I will be working with Dr. Xinyu Xing.

[Milestone] Pass the comprehensive exam on Apr. 2019.


Research Interest

My research interest lies in different fields in Machine Learning.

·         Longitudinal Data Analysis. Predictive modeling and variable selection on data with complex correlation structure (non-i.i.d. data).

·         Deep Probabilistic Models. Deep generative models, variational inference.

·         Weakly Supervised Learning. Robust semi-supervised, unsupervised learning in data with weak supervision.

·         Causal Inference. Disentangled learning, Counterfactual analysis.



FARE: Enabling Fine-grained Attack Categorizationunder Low-quality Labeled Data

Junjie Liang*, Wenbo Guo*, Tongbo Luo, Vasant Honavar, Gang Wang, Xinyu Xing

In Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium 2021 (NDSS’21).


UNITE: Uncertainty-based Health Risk Prediction Leveraging Multi-sourced Data

Chacha Chen, Junjie Liang, Fenglong Ma, Lucas M. Glass, Jimeng Sun, Cao Xiao

Proceedings of The Web Conference 2021 (WWW’21).


Longitudinal Deep Kernel Gaussian Process Regression [code][supp]

Junjie Liang, Yanting Wu, Dongkuan Xu, Vasant Honavar

Proceedings of the 35th AAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'21).


Transformer-Style Relational Reasoning with Dynamic Memory Updating for Temporal Network Modeling

Dongkuan Xu, Junjie Liang, Wei Cheng, Hua Wei, Haifeng Chen, Xiang Zhang

Proceedings of the 35th AAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'21).


How Do We Move: Modeling Human Movement with System Dynamics

Hua Wei, Dongkuan Xu, Junjie Liang, Zhenhui Li

Proceedings of the 35th AAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'21).


LMLFM: Longitudinal Multi-Level Factorization Machines. [code][poster][supp]

Junjie Liang, Dongkuan Xu, Yiwei Sun, Vasant Honavar

Proceedings of the 34th AAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI'20)


Top-N-Rank: A Scalable List-wise Ranking Method for Recommender Systems. [slides]

Junjie Liang, Jinlong Hu, Shoubin Dong, Vasant Honavar

Proceedings of the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data’18)


A User Similarity-based Top-N Recommendation Approach for Mobile In-application Advertising.

Jinlong Hu, Junjie Liang, Yuezhen Kuang, Vasant Honavar

Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), vol. 111, pp. 51-60. DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2018.02.012.


[Publications at SCUT]

iBGP: A Bipartite Graph Propagation Approach for Mobile Advertising Fraud Detection.

Jinlong Hu, Junjie Liang, Shoubin Dong

Mobile Information Systems, 2017.


[Patents at SCUT]

Quantitative scoring method for implicit feedback of user. Publication number: CN107025277A. Aug. 8, 2017

Large-scale on-line recommendation method based on mobile context. Publication number: CN106951436A. Jul. 14, 2017

Quality scoring method for mobile application advertisement putting. Publication number: CN106651423A. May 10, 2017

Collaborative recommendation method with user context information aggregation. Publication number: CN106326483A. Jan. 11, 2017



Research Assistant @ IST, PSU

Supervisor: Dr. Vasant Honavar

Aug. 2017 - Present

Research Intern @ Security Group, JD.COM

Supervisor: Dr. Xinyu Xing

Topic: Semi-supervised learning for cybersecurity applications.

Summer 2019

Teaching Assistant @ IST, PSU

DS 497, Principles of Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2019

Research Intern @ Decision Science, Conversant

Supervisor: Dr. Farooq Ali

Topic: Efficient and scalable algorithms for recommender systems.

Summer 2018


Honors and Awards

AAAI Student Scholarship, 2020

IST Travel Award, 2020

IST Travel Award, 2019

Professional Services

External Conference Reviewer


AAAI’19, 20



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