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Recruitment Events Upcoming

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The College Recruitment Coordinator, Mr. Jamie G. Houseknecht and the High School Recruitment Coordinator, Ms. Amy Brunner, will be on the road this semester visiting academic institutions across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania discussing nanotechnology, the NMT Capstone Semester, as well as holding other events.  Please check back often for updates and find out when we will be visiting you!

Mazda Develops New Catalytic Converter with Nanoparticles

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Automaker Mazda Motor Corp. has developed a new catalytic converter with precious metal nanoparticles of only 5 nanometers in diameter.  It is anticipated this will help save the company a large amount of revenue associated with the cost of precious metals, as well as helping to achieve "cleaner" cars and improving emissions.  Also, the new process uses 70 percent less precious metals than traditional converters.

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Nanoparticles Developed at Penn State Kill Cancer Cells

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Researchers from the Penn State Hershey Medical Center and University Park have developed nanocomposite particles, which are showing promise in reducing skin and breast cancer cells.

The team of Mark Kester, James Adair and others believe this could lead to more improved anti-cancer drugs in the future.

More about this exciting development can be found at the following link;

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