Recruitment Visit at Millersville University 03/17/10

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Jamie G. Houseknecht, the NMT College Recruitment Coordinator, will be visiting the Millersville University campus, on Wednesday, March the 17th.  Two separate events are being planned for students, to understand how the NMT Capstone Semester makes them heavily desired for employment, internship and co-op opportunities, as well as graduate study positions.

The first session will take place during a Physics seminar, from 3:30 until 5:00 in Roddy 149.

The second session will take place during a break between classes, from 5:00 until 6:30 in Osburn Hall, Rooms 307 and 308.

Feel free to attend either session, meet with Jamie, in addition to NMT Advocate Dan Cavanaugh, of Millersville University, to find out how-to get involved!

Visit Planned to IUP 03/05/10

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Jamie G. Houseknecht, the NMT College Recruitment Coordinator, is set to visit the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus, on Friday, March 5th.  Jamie will be speaking during a Physics Seminar session, highlighting recent advancements in nanotechnology research, the NMT Capstone Semester, in addition to discussing internship and career opportunities.

Be sure to attend this session, which begins at 2:30 in Weyandt Room 331.

See you there!

2009 Career Day Announcement

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The Pennsylvania Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT) Partnership is proud to announce that its annual NMT Career Day will be held November 11, 2009.  The event will be held in The Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, Conference Room 108.  You must register to attend this event. Your registration will guarantee your admission and give you an opportunity to meet with potential employers, learn about their company, get details on potential openings, and submit your resume. Please visit this link to fill out the registration form and secure your registration.  Companies that will be in attendance include: Lehighton Electronics, Plextronics, and Cyoptics. Check back frequently to see additional updates to this list. 

Please contact Jamie Houseknecht with any further inquires related to this event.  He can also be reached at 814-865-5285.

Students at ACM - Bedford Campus Scheduled Visit

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Hello ACM students of Bedford County!

Jamie G. Houseknecht, the Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology College Recruitment Coordinator, will be visiting your campus on Tuesday, September 15th at 5:30PM in Room 23 and also at 7:00PM in Room 23 again.

Learn how this newly created degree option at Allegany College of Maryland is partnered with Penn State University, to offer you a tremendous opportunity when it comes to your post-graduation plans!  Be it employment, further education, or even co-ops and internships!  Did you know many companies will pay for your baccalaureate degree, after graduating with your associate-level degree?  Many Nanotechnology graduates have taken advantage of this, why not you?

Hope to see you Tuesday!


Allegany College of Maryland - Somerset

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Hello ACM students at Somerset!

Jamie G. Houseknecht, the Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology College Recruitment Coordinator, will be visiting your campus on Monday, September 14th at 10:00AM in Room 209 and also at 1:30PM in Room 201.

Attend one of these presentation to learn about current trends in nanotechnology, how they are helping to solve world problems, as well as discussion relating to making yourself more marketable when it comes time to graduate!

Recruitment Events Being Planned for Fall 2009

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Hello Everyone,

My apologies for a lapse between entries.  The summer is nearing to a close, and the College Recruitment Coordinator from Penn State University - University Park, Mr. Jamie G. Houseknecht is currently planning events for this semester.

In terms of regional visits...expect the following to hold. 

Western Pennsylvania - September 14th through October 2nd

Southern and Southeastern Pennsylvania - October 5th through the 16th

Central Pennsylvania - October 19th through the 30th

Northern and Northeastern Pennsylvania - November 2nd through the 6th

Once dates are confirmed, Jamie will update the schedule accordingly, in order for you to find out when to attend an event and where.  Please stay updated by visiting the website, as well as contacting Jamie directly.  His contact information can be found on the website.  Also, if you would like to know where your college fits into the regional breakdown, contact Jamie directly.

NMT Capstone Semester - Summer 2009

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A total of 31 students will embark on their 12 week journey this summer, beginning Monday the 18th, studying within the Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT) Capstone Semester at Penn State University - University Park.  These students will be receiving hands-on training in the nationally recognized, teaching cleanroom.  Also, they will be using the latest instrumentation and be prepared for further education and/or employment within a number of industries that are utilizing nanofabrication processing techniques.

Why not attend the NMT Capstone Semester?  The education you receive prepares you for a lifetime career!  If you are interested in attending, contact Jamie G. Houseknecht, the College Recruitment Coordinator, or Amy Brunner, the High School Recruitment Coordinator for more details.  

Summer Events Being Planned

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After a semester worth of recruitment events across the state, the combined efforts of Jamie G. Houseknecht and Amy Brunner have generated significant interest in nanotechnology education opportunities for students at the collegiate and secondary level across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


With that being said, the summer of 2009 is already filling up with Summer Camps at Montgomery County Community, Community College of Philadelphia, and even here at Penn State University related to nanotechnology applications and demonstrations.  Continue to stay updated by visiting this website to stay in touch with both Jamie and Amy, as content is being added as it becomes available.

Jamie G. Houseknecht, the College Recruitment Coordinator for the NMT Capstone Semester, will be visiting area community colleges and universities in the coming weeks.  A breakdown for these events can be found below.


  • Lehigh Carbon Community College on Tuesday, March 24th at 11:30.  Please contact Nada Veskovic ( for more details.
  • Montgomery County Community College on Thursday, March 26th, from to.  I will be available all day, please contact Bill Brownlowe ( or Robin Zuhlke ( for more information.
  • Community College of Philadelphia on Monday, March 30th from 9:00 to 12:00.  Please contact Randly Libros ( or Kathleen Harter ( to find out more.
  • Bucks County Community College on Tuesday, March 31st at 9:30 and 3:00.  Please get in contact with Bill Yorke ( for details.
  • California University of Pennsylvania on April 2nd.  Please contact John Thompson (  for more information.
  • Westmoreland County Community College on Thursday, April the 16th at 2:30 for college students and 6:00 for high school students and parents.  Contact Autumn Maloy ( for more information.


Also, do not hesitate to contact Jamie at 814-865-5285 or 570-594-7475 for more information. 

April 4th, 2009: Nano Days at Penn State

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Do you want to learn about Nanotechnology and our educational programs across the state of Pennsylvania?  Come and join us for this one day "NANO" event at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel on Saturday April 4th, 2009.  See the agenda and announcement below.  Tours of the cleanroom, hands on nano-activities, presentations, scholarship details, career information, and lunch will be included. The target audience is high school juniors and seniors and their families, but we also encourage teachers, guidance counselors, and college students to attend. Please contact Amy Brunner if you have any questions: and we look forward to meeting you!  You must register by March 20th by filling out the information form here.

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Nano Days Agenda.doc