We have received a grant from the New Frontiers program funded by the John Templeton Foundation to hunt for advanced alien civilizations in mid-infrared data.

Some press coverage of our award and research:

The researchers behind the Exoplanet Orbit Database were featured in Penn State's Science Journal here (unfortunately we got Katherina's year of graduation wrong -- she's class of 2014).

I wrote a column for the Center Daily Times on some aspects of astronomy and astrobiology; you can find it here along with other entries from the Eberly College of Science.

Popular Science online interviewed me as part of its coverage of the IAU reaction to Uwingu's exoplanet-naming contest.

WTAJ did a spot about the Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds, in which I make a cameo, and they plug (link no longer includes the video).

Our Ruprecht 147 paper was written up by the Penn State press office and picked by  It generated a Penn State podcast which was featured on Science Beat and picked up by the NSF's Science360 radio program.

Here is a podcast of a radio interview I did about Ruprecht 147 for Voice of Russia:

Penn State interviewed me for a "Probing Question": "What is a Near Earth?".

Project MINERVA has gotten some press, including a featured place in a glowing article about Nate McCrady in the Missoula Independenta writeup in WIRED, and an article that uses the MINERVA principles playing pickup basketball in grad school as a hook in UM's Vision magazine.

In 2004 I published a paper on so-called "Maunder minimum" stars that got a bit of press coverage.

The Catalog of Nearby Exoplanets (the predecessor to the Exoplanet Orbit Database) earned some coverage here and elsewhere as part of a broader article on the rate of exoplanet discovery.

My work with the California Planet Survey has also produced press coverage like this piece on the discovery of HD 156668b. 

News that our Habitable Zone Planet Finding Spectrograph was funded was covered by the Penn State press office here, and my work with Chad Bender earned me a quote for his press release regarding the masses of the stars in the Kepler-16 system here.

My office phone is (814) 863-8470, but email is better:

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