The G-HAT Search for Kardashev Civilizations

We have received a grant from the New Frontiers program funded by the John Templeton Foundation to pursue the Glimpsing Heat from Alien Technologies search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Some press coverage of our award:

I summarized the project here, and I "slow-blogged" the basis of the project in these posts:

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Research from AstroWright on October 15, 2012 12:55 PM

Some of my various research projects: MINERVA: A partnership between Caltech, Penn State, and the University of Montana to find and characterize transiting and nearby rocky A powerful tool to explore the orbits of the known exop... Read More

Artifact SETI from AstroWright on March 9, 2013 5:19 PM

The search for waste heat from alien civilizations can be thought of as a form of artifact SETI. That is, instead of looking for the signals of alien civilizations, we look for physical evidence of their existence. This could be... Read More

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