These are slides from selected talks I given over the years at conferences and seminars. For a complete list of my talks please refer to my CV.

  • A brief history of randomness [pdf]
  • Turing degrees and randomness for continuous measures [pdf]
  • Kolmogorov complexity and Diophantine approximation [pdf]
  • Randomness and definability hierarchies [pdf]
  • Effective aspects of diophantine approximation [pdf]
  • Random graphs, finite extension constructions, and complexity [pdf]
  • Algorithmic randomness and determinacy [pdf]
  • Stochasticity for random graphs [pdf]
  • The topology of random graphons [pdf]
  • Patterns in Nature [pdf]
    Penn State Brandywine, Spring Speaker Series, April 2015 see also: http://brandywine.psu.edu/story/917/2015/04/02/explore-natures-geometry-nsf-researcher-april-8
  • Algorithmically random point processes [pdf]
  • Mini-Course on Algorithmic Randomness
    [Introduction] [Lecture 1] [Lecture 2] [Lecture 3] [Lecture 4] [Lecture 5]
    BASICS Summer School, Shanghai Jiao-Tong University, August 2014
  • Effective multifractal spectra [pdf]
  • Definability and Randomness [pdf]
  • The Structure of NCR inside Δ_2 [pdf]
  • Effective Geometric Measure Theory [pdf]
  • Mutual Theories of Algorithmic Information [pdf]
  • Measures and Their Random Reals [pdf]
  • The Metamathematics of Randomness [pdf]
  • Effectively Closed Set of Measures and Randomness [pdf]
  • Randomness -- Beyond Lebesgue Measure [pdf]
  • Effective Fractal Dimension [pdf]
  • The Metamathematics of Algorithmic Randomness [pdf]
  • Trees of Non-Trivial Hausdorff Measure in Computability Theory
  • Fractal Dimensions in Recursion Theory [pdf]
  • The Effective Dimension of Cones and Degrees [pdf]
  • Measures and Randomness [pdf]
  • Kolmogorov-Loveland Randomness and Stochasticity [pdf]
  • On Hierarchies of Randomness Tests [pdf]
  • Schnorr Dimension [pdf]
  • Hausdorff Dimension, Randomness, and Entropy [pdf]
  • Random Functions [pdf]
  • Borel normaility, automata, and complexity [pdf]
  • Hausdorff Dimension, Zufälligkeit und Berechenbarkeit [pdf]
  • On Selection Functions that Do Not Preserve Normality [pdf]
  • Hausdorff measures and perfect subsets [pdf]