Jeffrey S. Case
Associate Professor
The Pennsylvania State University, Department of Mathematics

Contents: Fall 2016
Math 528: Differentiable Manifolds
MWF 2:30--3:20pm, 116 Osmund Lab

Office: 221 McAllister Building
Office Hours: MF 1--2pm, or by appointment
Office Hours for weeks of Jan. 9--13 and Jan. 16--20: WF 1--2pm, or by appointment

For further information, please visit Canvas.

Final Exam: Take-home exam, to be handed out on Friday, April 28

Homework Assignments

  1. (Due 1/25):
    See PDF.
  2. (Due 2/8):
    See PDF.
  3. (Due 2/22):
    See PDF.
  4. (Due 3/15):
    See PDF.
  5. (Due 3/29):
    See PDF.
  6. (Due 4/12):
    See PDF.
  7. (Due 4/26):
    See PDF.

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