1. 597_paper_final_James_Mundie.doc Cultivating an Identity in the Information Age Using ePortfolios


  1. Evolution: Leveraging the Cloud for Content Management: It is becoming increasingly clear that intellectual production is moving into "The Cloud", with applications such as Google Docs, Flickr, Mobile Me, and new applications springing up daily. Why? Because leveraging the cloud frees us from the mundane tasks of worrying about the technology and allows us to concentrate on production. This session will explore our thinking around use of the cloud to create a next generation content management system in order to bring flexibility and scalability to the instructional design and delivery process. The audience will get a behind the scenes look at World Campus systems architecture and engage in a discussion about using the cloud as a CMS. 
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Class Projects:

  1. Hello World! (Flex) This is the first project I have done in Adobe Flex, for Design Studio, INSYS 597B Fall 2010. The task was to get familiar with Flex Builder and create a Hello World Application. Here is a screenshot:

    Screen shot 2010-08-29 at 8.18.34 PM.PNG

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The second meeting of the ePortfolio pilot group was held today. We opened the meeting with an informal discussion centered around how the group members are feeling about their experience. We were interested in hearing how people were feeling about... Read More

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