August 9, 1999

        On March 12 and 13, 1999, Julian Heicklen, a Libertarian Party
candidate for County Commissioner, was distributing literature in front of
the Wal-Mart on the Benner Pike.  He was arrested on both days for criminal
trespass.  Originally, he was held on $75,000 straight bail after the
second arrest, but that was reduced to $20,000 straight bail when he was
bound over for trial on March 17, 1999.

        Through his lawyer, Joseph Devecka, Heicklen filed a Writ of Habeas
Corpus.  On June 15, Judge Thomas Kistler dropped the charges and dismissed
the cases.  However Centre County would not return Heicklen's $20,000 bail
money.  So Heicklen filed a Request for Return of Bail to the court to have
his bail and interest of $272.47 from June 15-August 5 returned.  On August
5, Judge Kistler ordered the return of the bail money, but not the
interest.  On August 9, Centre County returned $20,000 to Heicklen.  Thus
the county stole $293.84 from Heicklen, not including the interest of
$480.82 from March 17-June 15.  In addition, Heicklen was imprisoned for 98