by Julian Heicklen

David Zielinski AY­9215 is an inmate at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Rockview. On November 6, 1997, he was examined by a doctor whose name he did not know. Apparently it was Dr. Francis Everhart. The doctor has an open sore on his right hand. It is split open, so that you actually can see red meat. The doctor examined him without putting on gloves, physically touching him with his right hand.

Correspondence with the Health Department

On the same day, Mr. Zielinski wrote to he Medical Bureau of Harrisburg and the State Health Center in State College describing the above incident. In regard to the letter sent to the State Health Center in State College, he received a reply dated November 25, 1997, from Joni Yoder, RNC, State Health Center, Middlebury, PA 17842. Ms Yoder wrote that she contacted Mary Jo Hayes, the Infection Control Nurse at Rockview. Nurse Hayes said that there is a doctor working in the infirmary with eczema on his hands, but he is very careful about using gloves when he examines inmates. Eczema is not contagious. Ms. Yoder forwarded a copy of Zielinski's letter to Ms. Hayes, who will give it to Larry Lidgett, the Correctional Health Care Administrator.

Zielinski responded On December 7, 1997. He pointed out that Dr. Everhart examined him without wearing gloves. In fact Dr. Everhart physically touched him with his hands not wearing gloves. Mrs. Hayes was not present when he was examined.

Inmate Grievance with the Department of Corrections (DOC)

Mr. Zielinski filed an Official Inmate Grievance ROC 0637Ð97 dated November 13, 1997, to Sam Mazzotta, Grievance Coordinator. It complains about the visit with Dr. Everhart. He had "Informed Mr. Lidgett in writing twice about this matter, but Mr. Lidgett failed to respond."

There is a response from Sam Mazzotta dated December 1, 1997, that stated that Mr. Mazzotta reviewed the matter with Ms. Ferguson, Nurse supervisor, who reviewed your record. She stated that Dr. Everhart has a skin condition that is not contagious and is aggravated by the weather and his constant washing of his hands between patients. Mr. Mazzotta further states in his response: "It is suggested you be more cooperative and patient with the Medical Department." Mr. Zielinski filed an appeal to the Chief Hearing Examiner on December 5, 1997.

Mr. Zielinski points out in an accompanying letter that Larry Lidgett should have reviewed the grievance, not Sam Mazzotta. He also points out that his Grievance is against a doctor, not a nurse. The appropriate person to review the Grievance is Dr. Everhart's supervisor, not Ms Ferguson. Mr. Zielinski wants to know how Ms. Ferguson knows about Dr. Everhart's medical condition. He states that he tried to cooperate with the medical department. He waited 7 days after writing Mr. Lidgett before filing the grievance when he received no response.