Tax Protest of April 15, 2010
    a. I arrived at 11:45 at the Hackensack, NJ U. S. Post Office at 226 State Street.  The weather was warm and sunny.
    b. Across from me was police headquarters.  The street was lined with police cars.  I did not see a police officer all day.  They had no interest in me.
    c.  Immediately a woman wanted 7 one-million dollar bills to pass out to her friends.
    d. At 12 noon a man approached me for a million dollar bill and offered that he immigrated from Spain 45 years ago, when this was great country.  He proceeded to explain to me everything that has gone wrong (as if I did not know already).  He thanked me for distributing the bills.
    e. At 12:25 a woman thanked me for standing there distributing literature.
    f. At 12:35 a man thanked me.
    g. At 1:07 a postal worked identified himself as a Libertarian who voted fro Ron Paul and thanked me for being there.
    h. At 1:10 a man gave me a mint.
    j. At 1:15, as I was about to go home, a man took a million dollar bill, asked me what it was all about.  We talked for 53 minutes.  He signed up as a Tyranny Fighter and said that he was going to look into the Libertarian Party web page for more information, before he makes a decision to join the Libertarian Party.
    k.  I did not hear one negative comment all day.  This is an unusual occurrence for me.
    l.  I distributed about 100 million dollars in million dollar bills.
What a great day, even though I was alone!