By Julian Heicklen

September 14, 2001

Presented in front of the Willard Building at Penn State University

Centre County has become Mississippi of the 1950s. Penn State students are its niggers.

A. Parking

There are signs in some of the campus parking lots that say "No Student Parking Anytime." What would be your reaction if they said "No black Parking Anytime?" You wouldnít stand for it, would you? And "Anytime?" Not even between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. You know why? They donít even want your nigger student cars to contaminate their parking spaces.

Dan Groves, an Ex-President of the College Libertarians, told me there was an incident involving an ex-roommate. He went to park in a parking deck on campus, and some woman yelled at him "No kids are allowed to park in here, adults only!" At the time he was 27, and a graduate student in history.

He goes on to say that when he lived in State College, he remembers being treated as if he was a second class citizen. One day while walking home from work, a lady started chatting with him. Right out of the blue. She was an older woman, a native of the town. She had a thing against her neighbors across the street, and the only reason for it that he could see what that they were students.

B. Housing

State College has Ordinance Ró1, Section 501(3)(a) which says: "In all residential districts, for each dwelling unitÖa family plus 2 unrelated persons, no more than 3 unrelated persons." A family of 12 people can live in the dwelling, but not more than 3 nigger students, unless they are related. This also excludes two homosexual couples, another group of niggers.

State College has another ordinance that limits building heights in downtown to four floors. This presumably is done to retain the historical appearance of the Borough. But State College is a town, where people have to live and work. It is not a museum. The real purpose of the ordinance is to limit the number of nigger students in apartment buildings. Not only does this drive the students into the surrounding townships, but it raises the rents, because fewer residents have to share the property land tax.

Driving the nigger students into the suburbs means that more land in the suburbs has to be used to house them. This November (2001), Patton Township has a referendum to spend $2.5 million to preserve land and reduce housing opportunities for the nigger students. There are people in Patton Township living in trailer parks who cannot afford necessary medical care. Yet they will be taxed to support land preservation. Many of the people supporting the referendum bleed for the poor, but they have no compunction about robbing them.

State College would not permit the Mormons to build a church on Beaver Avenue, because they "make bad neighbors" and would destroy the historical worth of some old homes that they wished to buy and destroy. Likewise the city mothers objected to Hooters opening in State College, because they dislike big-breasted sexy women. When racism or classism exists, it soon entraps everyone.

C. Riots

We have had three riots in State College in the past three years. Usually they are called Student Riots, even though non-students participated. What is implied is nigger student riots. The users of the student description will defend themselves by saying that the rioters were mostly students. Well most of the rioters were white people. I have never heard the riots referred to as White Riots.

Many in the community want student rioters expelled from the University, and they say so with great indignation, both in the Centre Daily Times and in State College Borough Council meetings. I have never heard anyone say that the non-students should be fired from their jobs. That is because they are not nigger students.

The University has taken disciplinary action against some student rioters. No business would ever think of taking disciplinary action against either its employees or its customers, because they are not niggers, like the students. It is improper for the University to act as a law enforcement agent off campus.

During the riot in March 2001, community leaders rushed to the scene to attempt to calm the rioters. They were greeted as concerned leaders doing their jobs. But not Martin Austemuhle, a student Senator. He was charged and convicted of failure to disperse. Then he was disciplined by the University. Who was more likely to calm the students, Graham Spanier whom they do not respect, or one of their own whom they had elected? Martin was greeted as a nigger student and treated accordingly.

In order to reduce the likelihood of more riots, the University has just prepared a new student code of conduct, which applies off-campus as well as on-campus. No business would even contemplate telling its customers how to behave off of its property. But is different with the students. They are niggers. Incidentally, I just received the Department of Chemistry Policies and Procedures. It lists two items of conduct: keeping academic integrity and no sexual harassment.

The Borough Council Mothers have taken steps to prevent further riots. These include surveillance cameras and mounted police. Are these likely to increase or decrease the animosity of the nigger students? The Borough Council Mothers wonder why there are riots. I wonder why there is not armed rebellion.

D. Drugs

Unbelievable as it may seem, the possession of marijuana, one of Godís greatest gifts to mankind, is illegal. If a student is found guilty of this heinous offence, he will lose his federal grant. However, I was found guilty of this crime four times, but I did not lose my social security or medicare benefits. That is because I am a human being, while students are subhuman niggers.

In order to provide further protection for minors, the penalty for marijuana possession is doubled if it occurs at an educational institution. However the percentage of the population that is under 18 is lower on the University campus than in any of the municipalities. But you know who lives on the University campusónigger students that have to be kept in their place.

Last year Chris Johnstone, a Penn State faculty member who is one of the Patton Township Supervisors, was discovered with 14 marijuana plants growing in his home. He was released on probation. Can you imagine how long a prison sentence a nigger student would receive?

Another drug of low reputation is alcohol, although it is legal for adults aged 21 or over to drink. Why isnít the age minimum set at 40 years? Because prohibition did not work. It does not work any better for an age minimum of 21. Some will argue that it is necessary to prevent 18ó20 years from drinking, because they commit more crime. Well so do blacks. Should we prohibit black people from drinking alcohol? No, because black people are no longer niggers, but the majority of people in the 18ó20 age group are students, and they are niggers.

The reason that the age minimum is 21 and not 18 is because the federal government will not give highway funds to states that permit persons under 21 from possessing alcohol. The 21st Amendment to the U. S. Constitution made it illegal to prohibit alcohol to adults. It is unconstitutional to pass laws that violate this Amendment.

E. Illegal Police Practices

Police search PSU students without search warrants. Here is how they get away with it. At 8:00 in the morning, the police will knock on a studentís door. At this time, if the student is home, he is asleep in bed. When he answers the knock, the police move him into the hall in his nightclothes. They ask the student if they can search his room. Further they tell him that if he says no, they will keep him in the hall until they can get a search warrant. The student always gives permission, thus making the search technically legal. Why didnít the police get the search warrant before they appeared? Either they would not have been able to get one based on their evidence, or they were just too lazy. Besides why should they need a warrant to search a nigger studentís residence?

Police entrap PSU students into committing crimes. One student, who lives off campus, received a telephone call from a friend who wanted to buy some marijuanna. The student agreed and told the friend to come to his residence. The friend said no, he would rather the student met him on campus. Finally the student agreed. When he met his friend on campus, he was with his girlfriend. When the student sold the marijuana, the girl friend, who is an undercover cop, arrested him. Not only did she entrap a student into comitting a crime, she arranged for him to make the illegal sale on University property, so the punishment would be twice as great. The person who belongs in prison is the cop.

The police do not limit this entrapment to nigger students. Before one PSU football game in 1998, I was publicly smoking marijuana near the football stadium and announcing what I was doing on a battery-powered bullhorn. A football fan approached me and asked for a few puffs. I refused. He then asked me to sell the cigarette to him. I told him that I was not into that sort of thing. He left. About 10 minutes later, he snuk up behind me and stole the cigarette out of my hand. No-one but an undercover agent would do such a thing. He was trying to entrap me into distribution, a more serious crime than possession. I was never arrested, because the police had made an illegal seizure.

F. Illegal Juries

In Centre County, a Penn State Student cannot get a jury of his peers, if he has a criminal trial. PSU students are excluded from the master jury list from which jurors are picked. I am running for jury commissioner to end this practice.

On August 23, 2001, I filed a lawsuit in Commonwealth Court against the Centre County Jury Commissioners. The suit charges Judge Charles C. Brown, Jr., the Jury Commissioners, and the Court Administratorís Office with four counts of misfeasance and seven counts of malfeasance. The suit alleges that there were violations of six Pennsylvania statutes and the U. S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions.

The law requires that the master list for prospective jurors be the voter registration list or a comparable list at least as large. The basis of the suit is that the Occupational Assessment Tax roll is used as the Master List for Prospective Jurors. This list is smaller than the voter registration list and is an illegal list. It omits Penn State students. As a result, Penn State students are eliminated as a class and young adults are highly under-represented. In addition other groups are only represented at less than their percentage in the county adult population.

The percentages of representation for some of the other under-represented groups are:

State College Borough 47%

Asian and Pacific Islanders 90%

Black and African Americans 75%

Hispanics 59%

Native Americans 80%

Jews 24%

The suit requests the removal from office of Judge Brown and the Jury Commissioners, as required by law for misfeasance or malfeasance. It also requests that they give monetary compensation to the Penn State Student Government or other appropriate Penn State student groups.

The text of my pleading to the Commonwealth Court can be found at

I have asked several groups to join my suit. So far the Green party has agreed to do so. Groups which have not responded are Penn State University, the Black Caucus, the State College Borough, Hillel, the Interfaith and Community Coalition Against Prejudice and Violence, Congregation Brit Shalom, the ACLU, the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Governments, the Student Party, and the Young Americans for Freedom. All of these organizations plead for justice, but wonít do what is required to get it.

G. Imprisonment

Centre County is planning to build a new prison to increase the number of beds from 78 to 305, with possible expansion to 600 beds. The principal population of the prisons is men in their twenties. You know who I mean?ónigger students. Image how many more nigger student rioters could have been imprisoned if this prison already existed?

H. Summary

If you want to stop being a nigger, then vote for me for Jury Commissioner this November. Wear my button, sign the petition against the new prison, and invite me to talk to your organizations.

We are engaged in a struggle for the soul of the America. The word nigger is not the issue. Nigger is the messenger, not the message. The issue is whether we are going to live in freedom or under tyranny. I say choose freedom.