State College, PA

May 11, 2000

by Julian Heicklen


Smart on Crime & Centre County Libertarian Party

Twenty eight months and still going.

There is good news and bad news. The good news first. Yesterday, while I was soliciting signatures in front of the Corner Room Restaurant for my nominating petition to get on the ballot, Mike Desmond, the Manager, came out and offered me a cold drink. We chatted for a while, and he signed my petition. The Corner Room is directly across the street from the Marijuana Smoke Outs. Mike and his staff had been trying to get us thrown out and arrested when we started the Smoke Outs. They had called the police several times. Conversion is slow, but does occur.

Now the bad news. During the past week, I lost two court cases. Our attempt to get a permanent injunction against Wal-Mart to permit campaigning in front of their stores was turned down by the Third U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals. More depressing was the other case in which the Superior Court of Pennsylvania upheld my criminal convictions for smoking marijuana. The latter decision was quite a shock, because the trial judge had made so many errors. I am appealing the latter decision to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.