State College, PA

April 6, 2000

by Julian Heicklen

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Smart on Crime & Centre County Libertarian Party

The Marijuana Smoke Out of April 6, 2000, consisted of 5 demonstrators with signs. Two State College police officers in uniform were stationed across the street in full view of us.

Heicklen addressed the passersby, using his bullhorn, to urge them to stop the war on drugs. He then lit a marijuana cigarette in full view of the police and smoked it completely. While he was smoking, he announced on the bullhorn that he was smoking a marijuana cigarette, and that it was his right to do so. He mentioned that he was defying the anti-marijuana law, because the government had no right to tell him what to eat, drink, or smoke.

The police watched from across the street, but never moved from their observation point. At 1:00 PM, after Heicklen was through smoking, the police left the scene.