Response from a Prison Guard

I (Julian Heicklen) received the following E-mail letter from someone who claims he is a prison guard. I think it is only fair to present his version of prison life.

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 17:14:59 -0500
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Subject: I bet you still breast feed

People like you need to take home some of our pillars of society. They are there for a reason, and not for a parking tickets. Some of the pieces of shit we have in prison should never see daylight. But its bleeding heart liberals like yourself that think if you tell them they did wrong thats enough. You should have shit thrown on you like the Officers get thrown on them daily. Or maybe get hit in the head with 2 batteries in a sock. Or shanked in the face with a ten inch piece of metal. This is what we Correction Officers put up with daily. Then its assholes like you who don't know even know how to wipe their own ass because they live in a fantasy world, that mommy did it for them. Its the misunderstood person that just so happened to kill his whole family that just doesn't like it in prison because he doesn't get catered too that you should take home with you. Maybe you should just come to prison to see how it's really like. Were you don't know if you are going to make it through the day because big Haakeem does't like the way you looked at him in the yard. Then your celly wants to run one up in you because you got a pretty face. Then again all this doesn't happen behind those fences with wire on the top because the Co's never stop beating all those misunderstood individuals. Maybe if you grow a set of balls and come to one of our prisons you'll see that all of these convicts should never leave their cells.