by Julian Heicklen

Louis Flick BT­6376 arrived at theState Correctional institution (SCI) at Rockview as an inmate in September 1992. In October 1992, he informed Captain Tressler that he was being stalked. He also reported it to his counselor (Franklin Stover at that time). Nothing was done.

Since then he has been sexually assaulted twice, both times by another inmate, Bryant Tuttles (October 12, 1992, and November 3, 1992). Tuttles is HIV positive. Mr. Flick reported the assaults to Carol Baker, who ran the support group for HIV positive prisoners. He also reported it to his counselor (Stover) and the Unit Manager (Daniel Walls). According to Flick, the response from Walls was that "Since you are a homosexual, they really didn't care." Tuttles is dying from aids. Flick is now HIV positive as a result of the assaults. Previously, he had tested HIV negative. No criminal charges were filed against Tuttles. No state trooper was called in to investigate the assaults. No misconducts were filed against Tuttles.

There were no witnesses to the assaults. Mr. Tuttles forced his way into Flick's cell threatening Flick with a razor, which he held to his throat. Tuttles also has sexually assaulted Edward Force, another homosexual inmate, at the end of 1994.

Flick requested that he be put into administrative custody for protection, when Tuttles was housed on the same range. He was told to go back to his cell, which he refused to do. He was given 30 days disciplinary custody in the restricted housing unit (DC RHU) for refusing to obey an order. He actually served only 26 days. Then he was released and housed in a different block.

Mr. Flick was on parole for 4.5 months after serving his minimum sentence. He lost his parole for possession of a dangerous weapon and association with minors. When Flick returned to Rockview on November 29, 1995, after his parole violation, he wrote to Deputy Superintendent Whitman about his problem. Whitman refused to intervene in locating him in a cell block. On December 1, 1995, he returned to DC RHU again for refusing to return to his cell, because he was placed in the same range as Bryant Tuttles.

Flick was thrown out of the Country Gospel group in the Protestant church in Rockview by Chaplain Thomas A. Reitz, because he is a homosexual. Flick also claims to have been harassed by the guards because he is a homosexual.

The above information was reported by me (who had been contacted by Flick) on December 20, 1996, to Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar and to Corporal Pelepsky of the State Police. It was requested that criminal prosecutions be initiated against Mr. Tuttles and appropriate prison officials that failed to report the crimes to the state police. No action has been taken by either the district attorney or the state police.

Edward Force BP­5700 arrived at SCI Rockview as an inmate on November 13, 1993. When I interviewed him on October 30, 1996, he was 25 years old.

Mr. Force was sexually harassed and assaulted by Bryant Tuttles in January 1994. Mr. Force was HIV negative before the attack. Tuttles is HIV positive, and since the attack, so is Mr. Force. Apparently Tuttles has been sent home to die. The attack occurred in front of Mr. Force's cell. There were no witnesses. The attack was reported verbally to Correctional Officer Conway, who was in charge of the block. Officer Conway called Security and reported the attack to Lieutenant Snednecker, who was in charge of investigations. Both Tuttles and Force were placed in administrative custody in the restrictive housing unit (AC RHU) during a 10-day investigation. Then both were released and placed in different cell blocks. Force wanted to press criminal charges, but the state police were not notified. No charges were filed against Tuttles.

Another inmate Oscar Harrison harassed Mr. Force for about one year. This was reported in writing to Lieutenant Knauff on September 8, 1996. Harrison was sent to AC RHU for 4 days. Mr. Force received a misconduct for lying to an employee. At the misconduct hearing, Harrison was not present, but an inmate that requested not to be identified was a witness and testified in support of Mr. Force. The only other people present at the hearing were the hearing examiners (Rick Norris and Charles Mitchell). Mr. Force was found guilty of lying to an employee and was sentenced to 15 days in DC RHU. He was released on October 4, 1996, and transferred to AC RHU for his own protection.

I know another inmate that was sent to state prison at 15 years of age. At 16 years of age, he was sexually assaulted in SCI Rockview by another inmate. In this case the assailant was criminally prosecuted and sentenced to additional time. More than 5 years after the assault, the victim has had nightmares. He received no compensation.