By Julian Heicklen

June 26, 2002

Nicolas Pratt DV-0813 is a white, mentally-ill inmate housed at the State Correctional Institution at Frackville. Mr. Pratt was litigating against Restricted Housing Unit (RHU) correctional officers (CO) and mental health staff for negligence and unjust treatment. Captain Terra, Sergeant Harner, Sergeant Brown, CO Williams, and CO Sabo told Mr. Pratt that medical services wanted to see him, when in fact it did not. The purpose was to get Pratt out of sight, so that the officers could beat him for litigating. He was beaten so badly that he dropped his lawsuit out of fear. The beating dislocated his shoulder and split his chin sufficiently to require sutures. Both of his eyes were blackened and swelled.

On October 30, 2001, Inmate Irving Murray ED-1097 witnessed CO Wickersham enter Pratt’s cell EA-10 while Pratt was at medical services. CO Wikersham quickly grabbed as much of Pratt’s legal work, including a legal package from the U. S. District Courthouse, as he could, ripped it up, and threw it in a trashcan. CO Wickersham cut open Pratt’s mattress. When Mr. Pratt was returning, the officer in the control booth tapped the intercom to let CO Wickersham know of his return. CO Wickersham said that Pratt would have to pay for destroying the mattress. He filed a Misconduct Report against Pratt for destruction of state property.

The officers would let Mr. Pratt fill out a commissary list. He was charged weekly for merchandise he did not receive. The officers kept the merchandise and took it home. They teased Pratt on a daily basis.

This report was submitted by Irving Murray ED-1097.