AUGUST 10—12, 2001

The Main Theme for Hempfest 2001 will be all about Medical Marijuana. It will be held August 10,11,12 in Northern Ontario just outside Sault Ste Marie. The goals of Hempfest are to raise awareness of the benefits of Medical Marijuana, speak about the injustices suffered by those who need the plant to increase their quality of life and to provide relief from the illness that suffers them. It is a chance for those who use the plant to come together and make new friends and meet with old friends from across the continent. To network and make our selves stronger in this war that has been waged against us by our own governments. There will be people from all over North America from British Columbia to Nova Scotia to California to New York and from Mexico to James Bay. People come in droves for a weekend of fun in Northern Ontario. A portion of the gate proceeds will go to the Medical Marijuana Defence Fund administered by AllanYoung and to the Marijuana Party of Toronto.

This years speakers are hoping will be but not limited too (some are confirmed some are not): Larry Duprey, Richard Lake, Cannabis Kenny, DaWeedKing, Jess G. Williams "The Real Fat Freddy," Alan Young, Steven Bacon, Mike Ethier, Laurence Cherniak and many more.

There is a new FLASH intro to the festival. Stop by and check it out at http://www.planetarypride.com/comingsoon.html. If you have any problem viewing it please send an E-mail to webmaster@planetarypride.com with FLASH INTRO in the subject line. Pass the web page on to your friends, and see if you can find someone you know in the presentation.

For further information contact:

Rob Waddell

Host and Organizor of Hempfest 2001 :

Canada Planetary Pride

246 Queen Street East

Sault Ste Marie

Ontario, Canada

P6A 1Y7


Toll Free: 1-888-215-8970


Fax: 705-254-3610

Hempfest 2001: Canada <editor@planetarypride.com>