by Julian Heicklen

James H. Myers, Jr. is an inmate at the State Correctional Institution (SCI) at Rockview. He has a large lump at the base of his neck on his back. It is very painful. Sometimes the pain is excruciating. His spine is numb at the very center of his back. At night while in bed, the calves of his legs cramp up and they hurt. More than once, he has sat up and cried from the pain. In a letter of December 22, 1997, he begged me to come and see him. He claims that he needs help real bad. He does not write well, so he would rather talk. I cannot visit him, because I have been banned from the prison. Here is a log of the events that he reports.

Mr. Myers listed the people with whom he had discussed his medical problem. These were Acting Superintendent Robert Meyers; Dr. Gaertner; Dr. Baumgarten; Dr. Everhart; Dr. Burke; Dr. Eggler; Mrs. Lambert, P. A.; Larry Lidgett, R. N.; Margaret Miller, R. N.; Jennifer M. Hricko, Psychologist; David Kuhn, Counselor; Nurse Mary Joe; Nurse Rose; and all the other nurses.

There is an undated letter from Mr. Myers to Acting Superintendent Meyers about denial of medical attention. He states that he has been trying since November 1, 1995, to get someone to address his medical needs. He has tried the following to get medical aid. He spoke with Dr. Baumgarten, who advised that he be patient. He spoke with Miss M. Miller 2 or 3 times and still nothing was done. He spoke to Miss Eggler and was told that there would be some type of medical program designed for him. He spoke with Dr. Everhart to no avail. Dr. Everhart simply said that he was not familiar with his medical problems, even though he described what he felt his medical problems were. Dr. Everhart said that he would get back to me. He never did. Mr. Myers admits that his ability to articulate, or express himself as well as others, is lacking. He was sent to an outside hospital and had an M. I. R. The test revealed that his back was messed up. There was no follow up. He requested Acting Superintendent Meyers to order the medical department to at least interview him and conduct a medical exam. He states that if it is determined by the medical staff that there is no foundation for the complaints, he will forget the whole matter. Attached to the letter to Deputy Meyers is a list of court cases dealing with medical attention. There was no response to the letter to Acting Superintendent Meyers.

Mr. Myers is a very sick man, either physically or mentally. He is not under psychiatric care, so presumably his problem is physical. Either he deliberately is not being treated for his medical problems, or there is no treatment. In the latter case, he should be given medication for pain relief, which apparently is not being done.